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Class Year/Reunion Year Change

Advancing Class/Reunion Year

Loyola recognizes that some students may start at Loyola with several credits already completed through Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations and/or dual enrollment courses.  Likewise, some students prefer to take summer courses and/or 6th courses in the fall or spring semesters in an effort to graduate earlier than four years. As such, students may petition to advance their class/reunion year if they have completed enough credits in a given semester to do so.

For first-year students petitioning during the first semester of study at Loyola:

  • Students must have at least 21 credits completed (not including in-progress fall credits at Loyola).
  • Students must officially declare their major along with the petition to change their class/reunion year. They will receive a major advisor following the first week of classes in the spring semester.
  • Students must still enroll in a Messina course for the spring semester.

For students petitioning after the first semester of study at Loyola:

  • Students must have the appropriate number of credits completed (see table below).
  • Student must have a declared major on file or must submit their major declaration with the petition. 


Required number of credits needed in order to petition for a class/reunion year change.
Semester the petition is submitted

Number of credits completed (for non-transfer ug students)

1st semester 21 credits
2nd semester 36 credits
3rd semester 51 credits
4th semester 66 credits


Petition to Change Class/Reunion Year

Students who meet the criteria above may complete the Petition to Change Class/Reunion Year form.

The completed form should be brought to AASC in Maryland Hall, Room 138 for review and processing along with the Declaration of Major form if the student has not already declared their major.