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Advising Charts

The advising charts below serve as a resource for the variety of questions you may receive during a typical advising session, particularly during registration periods. If you have any questions about the information presented in these charts, please contact AASC at 410-617-5050.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students must request that College Board sends their official AP score report to Loyola University Maryland. Upon receipt of the report, AASC contacts students via Loyola email to inform them about any awarded AP credit.

World Language Placement Exam

Prior to new student summer orientation, incoming students are instructed to take an online placement exam in a world language. Students must complete the 104 level of a classical or modern language in order to fulfill the Core requirement.

Students who start at Loyola in Summer 2021 or later (Class of 2025 and beyond) that place higher than the 104 level on Loyola’s world language placement exam may be exempt from the world language core requirement, pending confirmation from Loyola’s Modern Language department after a proctored, on-site placement exam. Those students will need to complete 1 additional free elective in lieu of the world language core.

ALEKS Math Placement Exam


Math Core by Major

This chart shows the particular math course(s) that a student must take to fulfill the Core requirement for a specific major. 

Core Courses by Major

This chart details the Core courses that are required for particular majors at Loyola.

Department Chairs

This chart shows designated faculty chairs for each department for the 2024-2025 academic year.

“Whom to Call for Help with Undergraduate Matters”

This chart shows the individual offices and/or individuals to contact for assistance with particular undergraduate matters.

Pre-Health Advising

Developed by Dr. Maiju Lehmijoki Wetzel, this chart specifies the coursework required for admission into a variety of medical programs/fields.