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Diversity-Justice Requirement

The Diversity-Justice requirement is one way in which Loyola University Maryland carries out its mission to prepare students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world. Loyola University Maryland's core values and learning aims call upon the curriculum to prepare students to be aware of, appreciate, and celebrate human differences and their consequences at the individual, social, cultural, and global levels and to dedicate themselves to develop a sense of solidarity with and care for all who struggle for justice. 

To help achieve these core values and learning aims, students admitted to Loyola under the 2024-2025 Academic Catalogue and later are required to successfully complete two Diversity-Justice designated courses anywhere in their curriculum (students admitted under prior catalogues complete one designated course). Diversity-Justice courses may simultaneously fulfill a core, major, minor, or elective requirement for the student. Diversity-Justice courses may be taught in any discipline and will focus on domestic diversity, global diversity, justice awareness, or some combination of these.

Diversity-Justice designated course sections are identified each semester in the Self Service Course Catalog under “Course Types.”  Completion of the requirement will be reflected on the degree audit.

All Diversity-Justice designated courses are listed on the Diversity-Justice course requirement webpage which is maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs.