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Initiative History

  • Fall 2006: Living-Learning strategic plan work group begins meeting to discuss the initial conceptualization of this initiative
  • Spring 2008 - Work group makes recommendations
  • Fall 2008: The strategic plan endorsed by Board of Trustees and Loyola Conference; Academic Senate charges a Living-Learning Task Force
  • 2008-2010: Living-Learning task force convenes, submits interim report in May 2009 and final report in June 2010 to Academic Senate
  • Fall 2010:  The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Academic Senate, respectively, vote and approve the aims and structure of program
  • Spring 2011:  Student development and faculty co-directors hired; Living Learning Advisory Board charged by Academic Senate; Implementation Group charged by Loyola Conference; initial meetings to determine residence hall renovation plans and Living-Learning office location
  • Summer 2011: Distribution of campus-wide surveys for faculty and administrators to collect information about benefits/challenges to participation and potential themes for clusters
  • 2011-2012: First wave of six faculty hires, cluster themes developed through broad campus conversations and Advisory Board; implementation group begins to meet; The Admission Office begins to promote program for entire entering class of 2017
  • January 2012 - Report submitted to campus community
  • April 2012: Call for Administrator Nominations from department heads; Faculty Interest Questionnaire Opens; Theme Interest Meetings
  • Late April 2012: Living Learning Applications available for administrators and faculty
  • Late May:  Applications due for administrators and faculty
  • Summer: 2012-2013 Faculty and Administrator participants confirmed
  • August 2012: The new Honors Program begins as a living learning community
  • September 2012: Living Learning Initiative named Messina
  • Fall 2012: Workshops and preparations begin for faculty and administrators participating in 2013-2014 seminars and enrichment hours
  • Spring 2013: Call for Faculty and Administrator participants for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • Fall 2013: Living Learning begins for 1/3 of the first year class
  • Fall 2014: Living Learning expands to 2/3 of the first class
  • Fall 2015: Living Learning becomes universal for first year students.