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Book Cover Image from What the Eyes Don't See featuring a picture of Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha in a lab coat.Each year, Messina sponsors a series of events that provide opportunities for deeper discussions and inquiry.  Events associated with What The Eyes Don't See for the fall semester are listed below.

Wednesday, September 27th

Screening of "Flint: Who Can You Trust"

Documentary description: Filmed over 5 years and long after the story was front page news, “Flint: Who Can You Trust?” is full of new twists and turns. Journalist/filmmaker Anthony Baxter goes beyond the headlines in Flint, Michigan, where a government poisoned its own citizens’ water supply, to show the complete breakdown of authority, public trust and faith in the truth itself. “Flint” is a powerful investigation of the breathtaking scope of toxic pseudo-science, celebrity activism, and official negligence. The film reveals the devastating impact on poor people and people of color, which make up the majority of the residents in Flint, as they continue to seek justice and clean water. Featuring Marc Ruffalo and narrated by Alec Baldwin. 

To ensure a seat, students should register ahead of time on the Bridge

Please contact Elizabeth Dahl at eedahl@loyola.edu or messina@loyola.edu with any questions.

Sponsored by the Office of Environmental Studies & Messina
common text event
Film will start at 5:30pm and goes to 7:30pm, discussion to follow, Library-Notre Dame Library


Friday, September 29th

The Toxic Tour of Baltimore

Students, faculty, and staff will embark on a two-hour bus ride tour of South Baltimore's most toxic polluters. Students will see first hand what happens when a landfill, a power plant, an incinerator, and a water treatment plant all operate within a few square miles from each other. The tour is led by a CEO of an environmental group dedicated to a clean air Baltimore and a zero waste society.

**Coach Bus is air conditioned and has restroom facilities.

To ensure a seat, students should register ahead of time on the Bridge

Please contact Patrick Murnane at pmurnane@loyola.edu or messina@loyola.edu with any questions.

Sponsored by the Office of Sustainability & Messina
common text event
Bus departs at 1pm in front of Newman Towers and returns to campus around 3pm


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