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Welcome Class of 2024!

Messina is designed to help all incoming first-year commuter and residential students acclimate quickly and easily to social and academic life at Loyola.   We look forward to seeing you on campus in January.  Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions we have received over the last few months:

In what format will my Messina class meet during the Spring 202semester?

Like other classes, your Messina class will have one face-to-face meeting each week.  If your faculty member is teaching on-campus, your face-to-face meeting will be for your seminar class and your enrichment session will be held virtually. If your faculty member is teaching virtually, your seminar meetings will be held online, and your enrichment session will be face-to-face. 

How do I know what spring Messina class I should take?

Your spring Messina class should be pre-loaded on to your schedule in advance of course registration.  You can view the date and time of this class on WebAdvisor.

Can I change my Messina class? 

Ordinarily, students will continue with their scheduled Messina course. If the class you are scheduled to take no longer fits with your course of study or if you encounter a scheduling conflict, please contact Michael Puma at mpuma@loyola.edu or the Academic Advising Support Center at aasc@loyola.edu to explore other Messina options.

Do I continue with my advisor in the spring semester?

Yes, Messina students keep working with their advisor until they declare a major.  

What types of activities will we do in the Messina enrichment session?

The spring enrichment sessions are designed to keep you one step ahead of all the decisions you are asked to make before your sophomore year.  We will explore what your values hold in the hopes they will inform your selection of sophomore year roommates, choosing a major, and beginning the initial phases of career exploration.  Additionally, we will introduce you to leadership opportunities, study abroad programs, and ways to get more involved in Baltimore. Finally, we will continue conversations we started during the fall semester regarding the Common Text, anti-racism, and being an active bystander. 

What other events will Messina sponsor?

Messina will sponsor or co-sponsor at least eight campus events during the spring semester. Beginning in mid-December, you will be able find a complete listing of our events on the Messina Website calendar. In addition, Messina will continue to sponsor Charm City Trivia as part of Loyola Late Night events. Students of all class years are welcome to join in for Charm City Trivia. 


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