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Self and Other Course Pairing

Language and Literacy as Lens for Learning about Self and Other (RE 219)

In this class, we explore how the languaging process affects our understanding of literacy acquisition. By looking into our own literacy practices, we learn more about the multiple, often divergent, ways literacy develops. The goal is to build a nuanced perspective on literacy processes in order to complicate our teaching craft.

Faculty biography

Dr. Margarita Gomez is an associate professor of literacy education. She joined the faculty at Loyola in 2012. Since then, she has taught a variety of literacy courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research focuses on the language and literacy development of culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Margarita is often involved in doing engaged scholarship in elementary schools, where she runs translanguaging writing workshops that draw upon the multilingual resources of students.

Effective Writing (WR 100)

In this class, students and plan and write mainly argumentative essays, drawing upon readings that deal with television, film, music, the media and other interesting topics related to influential aspects of contemporary culture. We will consider essays by George Orwell and other, more current writers who address cultural and artistic topics in a wide range of publications. In addition to writing research-supported critical or argumentative essays, students in "Effective Writing - Culture and Popular Art" will also have the opportunity to practice other aspects of essay writing, including the development of voice, tone and style.

Faculty biography

Brian Murray also teaches upper division courses in the Writing Department, including some that are also part of the Film Studies program. He has also taught in Honors and Liberal Studies, and has team-taught courses with a member of the Philosophy department. He has published books, essays and reviews on literature and film, among other topics.

Mentor biography

Amy Horst is the Men's & Women's Cross Country and Women's Track Coach. She's been at Loyola for 10+ years and loves continuing to explore Baltimore on foot (running!) and through restaurants! Messina is a favorite part of her week as she enjoys growing through the new opportunities and challenges with her class.


Virtual Advisor

This course pairing is strongly recommended for students interested in exploring an Elementary Education major. WR 100 satisfies the Writing Core Requirement for all students. For students not majoring in Elementary Education, RE 219 will count as an elective.

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