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Self and Other Course Pairing

Introduction to Human Communication: Exploring Ourselves and Others (SP 102)

Effective communication is a critical skill affecting most, if not all, areas of our personal and professional lives. In this interactive first-year Messina course, the principles surrounding human communication are addressed, connecting them to basic processes of speech, language, and hearing. The impact of perception, difference, and language on human communication is explored and evaluated. Communication specific to gender, culture, and personal relationships is examined, culminating in an evaluation of ourselves and an exploration of others.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Janet Preis is an associate professor in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences earning her doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University in 2002. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of courses in the Department, many in her areas of research including autism, cultural diversity, and interprofessional practice. Dr. Preis is also a practicing speech-language pathologist, but her greatest source of joy is being in the classroom with the Loyola students! Her philosophy about her Messina class is that she wants the students to feel at home where they are both challenged and connected, finding joy in all things!

Introduction to Communication Disorders (SP 103)

This course is a survey of the disorders of speech, language, and hearing in pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations. The role of the speech-language pathologist and audiologist in the identification and treatment of individuals with these disorders is addressed. Students learn the professional vocabulary and concepts that are the foundation for advanced courses in the department.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Marie Kerins has been faculty in the Department of Speech-Language Hearing Sciences at Loyola University Maryland since 2000. During her tenure at Loyola she has served as Graduate Program Director, Chair, Department Speech Language Hearing Sciences and Associate Vice President Research and Graduate Affairs. Prior to 2000, she spent 18-years working in the schools as a licensed speech-language pathologist. Research interests: language and literacy-based interventions particularly under the lens of interprofessional education.

Mentor Biography

Hi all, my name is Teisha Miles and I am the Coordinator for Housing Operations at Loyola. I earned my degree from the amazing University of Baltimore in Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership and am now pursuing my Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Management.  I am originally from Baltimore and love everything about this eclectic and beautiful city! My students know me best by having candid conversations about conflict resolution, culture and college dynamics. Look forward to meeting you and welcome!

Virtual Advisor

This course pairing is ideal for students interested in exploring a Speech Language Hearing Science major. 

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