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Effective Writing (WR 100)

In this class, students and plan and write mainly argumentative essays, drawing upon readings that deal with television, film, music, the media and other interesting topics related to influential aspects of contemporary culture. We will consider essays by George Orwell and other, more current writers who address cultural and artistic topics in a wide range of publications. In addition to writing research-supported critical or argumentative essays, students in "Effective Writing - Culture and Popular Art" will also have the opportunity to practice other aspects of essay writing, including the development of voice, tone and style.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Brian Murray teaches in the Writing Department and the Film Studies Program, and has also taught in the Honors and Liberal Studies programs. He has written three books and may essays and reviews on various subjects in a wide range of popular and scholarly publications. 

The Self in Context: Introductory Psychology (PY 101)

How do we understand ourselves and others? How do we understand the self? How are we influenced by our biology, experiences, and close relationships? This quest for understanding of human behavior, thought, motivations, and emotions is the foundation of psychological inquiry. This course is designed to provide you with an overview of the broad and exciting field of psychology. During the semester, we will discuss biological, cognitive, developmental, social, and clinical psychology. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the current issues and controversies in the field. In addition, you will gain an appreciation of the careful science that is the bedrock of psychology. This course will challenge you to think critically about various psychological concepts, principles, and research studies. In addition, the course will encourage you to apply your knowledge of psychology to understanding your own life and the lives and perspectives of those around you.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Rachel Grover is a licensed clinical psychologist who studies social skills development, friendships, romantic relationships, and anxiety in children and adolescents. She teaches Introductory Psychology, Child Development, Adolescent Development, and Research Methods in Psychology. She also teaches in both the Psychology Masters and Doctoral programs at Loyola.

Mentor Biography

Kate Grubb Clark is the director of external affairs in the office of the Vice President and Special Assistant to the President. Prior to serving in this position, she spent over 10 years in the division of student development at Loyola. Her current focus areas are government and community relations (from neighborhoods around Loyola to the federal level), presidential events and supporting the Board of Trustees.   As a ‘double degree’ graduate of Loyola (BA in Political Science with a minor in French and a MBA with a double concentration in international business and management), Kate knows first-hand the benefits of cura personalis as a lived philosophy and how it helped her to develop personally and professionally. That experience is why she decided to come back to her alma mater help future Greyhounds find their passions and niche at Loyola as well as tell the story of what makes Loyola great to anyone willing to listen. Kate is passionate about helping students develop their critical-thinking and life skills; and being a mentor to students through their college careers and beyond. Messina provides her with an opportunity to bring all the facets of her skills and passions together to help the next generations of Loyola students. A native Baltimorean and avid sports fan, Kate is also very passionate about her hometown and helping students to see the depth of culture that Baltimore has to offer.

Virtual Advisor

WR100 satisfies the core requirement for all students. For students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business, Political Science, Global Studies, Sociology or Economics, Psychology will count as an elective since Sellinger School of Business students will take Microeconomics Principles and Macroeconomic Principles as their two, core social science courses.


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