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Applied Calculus (MA 151)

A one-semester introduction to calculus. It covers the definition, interpretation, and applications of the derivative especially in business and social sciences. As part of the Messina program the course offers a service path within Baltimore City, and a research path in topics related to sociological issues within Baltimore City.

Faculty biography

Dr. Ethan Duckworth
I have been at Loyola University for 16 years and have taught most of the math classes we offer. During most of that time I've been an advisor for students and involved in various first year programs like Messina. I especially like the applied calculus class because it incorporates both math and applications that encourage us to think about broader societal issues.

Macroeconomic Principles (EC 103)

Introduces macroeconomic equilibrium, its impact on unemployment and inflation, and the effect of economic policy initiatives on that equilibrium. Students learn to predict the qualitative effect on changes in economic aggregates on each other and on GDP. Topics include the business cycle; national income and product accounting; equilibrium in the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model; the multiplier; the national debt; financial intermediaries; money and its creation; fiscal and monetary policy; comparative advantage and the gains from international trade; commercial policy; foreign exchange markets; and the balance of payments. Effects of international transactions are incorporated with each topic.

Faculty biography

Dr. Norman Sedgley is an economist specializing in the areas of macroeconomics and macro econometrics. Dr. Sedgley's classes emphasize the rigorous application of economic thinking to practical problems, policy dilemmas, and current events.

Mentor biography

Zoe Derrickson began working at Loyola in the fall of 2020 and serves as the Director of Program Operations – Master of Science in Data Science. As a Loyola alumnus, Zoe had the privilege of attending Loyola as an undergraduate and obtaining her B.B.A. in Marketing. In addition, Zoe earned her M.P.S. in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University. Zoe’s passion lies in mentoring students. Zoe loves challenging and supporting students so they may become the best version of themselves. When Zoe is not working you'll find her strolling through the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazar, finding great restaurants in Baltimore, or exploring the most popular trails in Oregon Ridge Park with her dog.


Virtual Advisor

Students must have taken high school calculus or attained a 65-75 on the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Exam to be eligible for this course pairing. Students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business and/or Economics are strongly recommended to consider this pairing since MA 151 is the mathematics course that satisfies the core for business majors. MA 151 is not recommended for other majors. EC 103 satisfies a social science core requirement for all students. Since EC 103 is offered as the spring Messina class, students will need to enroll in and complete EC 102 during the fall semester.

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