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The Globally-Minded Writer (WR 100)

We examine a cross-section of texts to gain an understanding of varied cultures, traditions, social norms, and national economies. Our analysis will allow us to discuss how our extensive societies complement each other as well as fluctuate. As we study our multi-cultural and diverse histories, we will also reflect on how this wide network of experience produces global commonalities. Peer-editing workshops, hands-on in-class activities, and writing exercises will promote techniques that can be used across the curriculum to effectively meet expectations of writing in a specific genre. Through the planning, drafting, and revising process, this class will focus on strategies to help students build on their coursework and solidify their understanding of communicating in a globalized environment.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Tiffany Curtis has a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English and an M.B.A. She has taught in the Writing Department since 2011. She is also a regular visiting professor at the University of Marie Curie-SkÅ‚odowska in Lublin, Poland, where she provides seminars for the American Culture and Literature Department. She has also taught Composition in Panamá City, Panamá for the University of Louisville—Panamá at Quality Leadership University. She has published in journals such as The Florida Review and New South.

Foundations of Philosophy (PL 201)

The first half of a yearlong, two semester introduction to philosophical questioning. Special attention is paid to the origins of philosophy, both with respect to its historical beginnings and its central themes, in the ancient world. Four focal points are: the emergence and development of the distinction between reality and appearance (metaphysics); questions concerning the grounds for distinguishing between knowledge and opinion (epistemology); the nature and status of values (ethical, aesthetic, religious, etc.) within the larger framework of human understanding (axiology); and reflections on the nature of the human as such, or on the human condition (philosophical anthropology).

Faculty Biography

Dr. Joe Farrell is a Baltimore native and has lived here all of his 49 years. As a two-time graduate of Loyola University Maryland (BS, 1992 and MBA, 2019), he knows Loyola and loves to welcome new students into the world of Loyola and the liberal arts tradition. Above all, he loves to accompany students through the arguments of the great philosophers.

Mentor Biography

Charlie Hiebler is the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and is a proud alumnus of the Class of 1995. He has had the privilege of serving as a Messina Mentor for three years. He has worked for Loyola for the past 14 years and has held positions in both undergraduate admission and alumni engagement. Charlie met his wife, Eileen, on their very first day at Loyola. They have three children, Julia, Ryan and Colin, and this year they became Loyola parents as Julia, is a member of the Class of 2024. 

Virtual Advisor

Both courses in this pairing satisfy core requirements for all students.  

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