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Self and Other Course Pairing

The Globally-Minded Writer (WR 100)

We examine a cross-section of texts to gain an understanding of varied cultures, traditions, social norms, and national economies. Our analysis will allow us to discuss how our extensive societies complement each other as well as fluctuate. As we study our multi-cultural and diverse histories, we will also reflect on how this wide network of experience produces global commonalities. Peer-editing workshops, hands-on in-class activities and writing exercises will promote techniques that can be used across the curriculum to effectively meet expectations of writing in a specific genre. Through the planning, drafting, and revising process, this class will focus on strategies to help students build on their coursework and solidify their understanding of communicating in a globalized environment.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Tiffany Curtis has a B.A. (University of Mississippi), M.A. (Mississippi State University), and Ph.D. (University of Southern Mississippi) in English as well as an M.B.A. (University of Mississippi). She has taught in the Writing Department since 2011. She is also a regular visiting professor at the University of Marie Curie-SkÅ‚odowska in Lublin, Poland, where she provides seminars for the American Studies Department. For the past 4 summers, she has taught Composition in Panamá City, Panamá for the University of Louisville—Panamá at Quality Leadership University. She has published in journals such as The Florida Review and New South and has worked in the marketing department for Bon Appétit magazine.

Foundations of Philosophy (PL 201)

In the Foundations of Philosophy course, we explore many of the main concepts of Philosophy through two of the giants of the western tradition: Plato and Aristotle. We will examine the theory of God, the creation and nature of the universe, the composition of the universe, and the theory of human nature and the good life. Along the way, we will actively compare and contrast the concepts as we find them explained in the works of Plato and Aristotle with currently held theories and beliefs, all building toward an critical analysis of arguments we exhume.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Joseph Farrell is a Baltimore native and graduate of Loyola University Maryland (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a second major completed in Philosophy, class of 1992). He earned his Ph.D. from Temple University in Philosophy. He has completed his M.B.A. from Loyola University (Spring 2019). His research interests are in the theory of human nature, ethical theory, political theory, medical ethics, and business ethics. He is married and has three sons and resides in the area. As a educator, Professor Farrell promotes the active engagement with each student in the process of claiming an education.

Mentor Biography

Daniel Fitzpatrick is a Tennessee State graduate, and current Assistant Director for Student Athlete Support Services. This will be Daniel’s first year as a Messina Mentor with the Self and Others theme.  Daniel grew up in Indiana and moved to Baltimore June 208. Daniel has two older siblings; and two nieces who he loves dearly.  He  was a collegiate athlete who looks forward to sharing his story and helping Messina students reach their full potential!

Mentor Biography

Charlie Hiebler is an alum of the Class of 1995. He currently serves as an Associate Director in the Office of Alumni Engagement. Charlie has been an active member of the Loyola community for the past 28 years and an employee for 13 years. Charlie is a member of the Green and Grey Society and as a student was involved in SGA, Evergreens, CCSJ, Campus Ministry, Student Life and Event Services. Fun fact, Charlie met his wife on the very first day of orientation, got married in the chapel, and now both work for Loyola.

Virtual Advisor

Both courses in this pairing satisfy core requirements for all students.  

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