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The Science of Politics (PS 101)

Politics is the set of human and social activities that concern public affairs. These include the power relations among individuals and groups and the distribution of resources, such as the provision of public goods. Among other questions, we will examine why and how we organize collectively for economic, social, and political ends; why politics involves both cooperation and conflict; why political parties exist in almost all countries, even in non-democratic ones; the types of regimes that govern us, notably democracies and dictatorships; and how we elect political leaders in the United States and abroad. The goal is to equip you with the basic toolkit of a political scientist and, in doing so, gain the ability to examine public affairs more rigorously through analytic and social scientific lenses, thereby going beyond journalistic accounts of current affairs. We will put that into practice by reading news of current affairs alongside the relevant theories.

Faculty biography

Dr. Joan Ricart-Huguet is a faculty member in the Department of Political Science. He received his Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University and an M.A. from Columbia University. He enjoys introducing students to the fundamentals of politics (PS 101) as well as teaching more advanced courses in his areas of expertise, such as African politics, political economy, and political leaders. Originally from Catalonia, he came to the United States for school and decided to stay after living in the wonderful states of CA, NY, NJ, and CT. He enjoys most sports, especially tennis and soccer.

The Art of Reading (EN 101)

Cultivates reading, writing, thinking, and oral communication skills by investigating the kinds of attention that literary texts, in multiple genres, ask of readers. The course is writing intensive. Topics reflect the range of faculty expertise and interests and are selected to invite student curiosity.

Faculty biography

Dr. Katherine Shloznikova is a faculty member in the department of English. She is a recent transplant to Baltimore from New York, among other places. She likes theater, museums, standup comedy and traveling. She is currently at work on a book about egoism and its discontents.  

Mentor biography

Sydney Quantock, J.D. is the Assistant Director of the Office of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment.  In her current position, Sydney serves as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for students - supporting students that experience sexual and/or gender-based misconduct.  Prior to working at Loyola, Sydney received her Juris Doctor from Widener University School of Law, Delaware Law School where she focused her advocacy on persons involved with domestic violence and intimate partner violence.  Sydney is a native Marylander and loves spending her time outside and exploring new places with her soon-to-be husband and their two fur-babies, Annabelle (Pitbull) and Zuko (One-eyed Orange Tabby)!

Virtual Advisor

PS 101 is recommended for students interested in Political Science.  PS 101 will count as an elective for students who major in Sellinger school majors, Economics, Sociology, and Psychology.  EN 101 satisfies the Literature core requirement for all students.