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Understanding Literature (EN 101)

Recent research on the value of literature asserts that reading fiction is instrumental in nurturing empathy. That is, reading not only makes you smarter, it also makes you nicer. By examining a variety of conventional literary forms (poetry, short fiction, graphic novel, tradition novel, film), we'll explore this assertion about the ability of literature to foster our imaginative and empathetic engagement (Theory of Mind) with those who are different (religiously, socially, racially, sexually) from ourselves.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Kathy Forni is a professor in the English Department. Her specialty is medieval literature, especially Chaucer. But her passion is medievalism or the study of how the Middle Ages is reimagined and recreated in modern popular culture. Students say that she is helpful and fair--but to beware of her frequent pop quizzes!

Law and Social Justice (LW 102D)

Students will study contemporary, controversial issues that sit at the intersection of law and social justice (e.g., immigration reform, business ethics scandals). Students will engage in lively, interactive, challenging debates and exercises that consider a range of topics, especially topics that allow students to explore possible majors in communication, business (e.g., marketing, finance), the social sciences (e.g., political science, sociology, global studies), writing, and more. The course will inspire students to think critically, understand responsible citizenship, and take action against injustice. This course meets the University's Diversity Course Requirement for justice awareness.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Professor, teaches law and social responsibility courses in the Sellinger School of Business. In her 28 years at Loyola, she has taught in first year programs several times. She enjoys leading and supporting students as they decide on a major and eventual career path. She also knows how to match students with high quality internship opportunities. She has been named the Harry W. Rodgers, III Distinguished Teacher of the Year (Loyola University Maryland), the Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher (Academy of Legal Studies in Business), and the Executive MBA “Most Valued Professor” (Sellinger School of Business at Loyola).

Mentor Biography

Victoria Gue joined the Loyola community in 2013 and currently serves as the Senior Associate Director in the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC). In that role, she advises undergraduate students and works closely with the transfer student population, assisting with their transition into Loyola. Prior to Loyola, Victoria worked as an Enrollment Manager at Notre Dame of Maryland University. She has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Contemporary Communication from Notre Dame.

Virtual Advisor

EN 101 satisfies the core English requirement for all students.  LW 102D satisfies the diversity requirement for all students.  Students who have an interest in pre-law may find this course pairing interesting. 


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