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Stories We Tell Course Pairing

Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern (AH111)

This course will explore the role of narrative in art from the 13th century to the present.  Among the works we shall consider are the stained glass and sculpture programs of the Gothic Cathedrals, Michelangelo's Genesis cycle on the Sistine Ceiling, the adulatory allegories of the 17th century, the modern narratives created by Manet and the Impressionists, and the haunting visions of the Surrealists.  In turning to the 20th century, we shall examine the apparent disappearance of story-telling from the works of the Abstract Expressionists and its insistent presence in the Pop Art of Andy Warhol.

Fall Faculty Biography

Janet Headley (Ph.D. University of Maryland) is Professor of Art History in the Fine Arts Department.  She teaches the survey of Art History from Renaissance to Modern and upper-division courses in European and American Art from the 18th century to 1945.  Her research interests are in 19th century public monuments, art patronage, and art collecting.

Making of the Modern World: Africa (HS106D)

This course introduces students to the skills of analyzing change over time, critical reading, and effective writing through the exploration of African history from the eighth through the twentieth centuries.  Themes include the emergence of African states and long distance trade; the organization and impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade; European conquest and colonization; social and economic change during the colonial period; the rise of nationalism and the struggle for independence; and the impact of globalization in contemporary Africa.  It considers issues of change and continuity in African societies, as well as the differential impact of social and economic change on women and people of different socioeconomic groups.

Spring Faculty Biography

Professor Elizabeth Schmidt received her Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She has published five books about Africa, with a sixth on the way.  The topics include U.S. business support for apartheid South Africa, women and nationalism in Zimbabwe and Guinea, and foreign intervention in Africa from the Cold War to the War on Terror.  When she's not working, you'll find her at the FAC--or on the dance floor!

Mentor Biography

Tim Cherney is the Associate Director of Student Life for Student and Staff Development. In that role, he oversees training and development of the professional and student staff, residential programming initiatives, the peer education program, assessment projects, and social justice initiatives for the office.  Tim joined the Loyola Student Life team in 2007 as a live-in Assistant Director within the residence halls and feels blessed to have had the opportunity to continue his career at a place that has become his professional and personal home. At Loyola, Tim is also a member of OUTLoyola, our LGBTQPIA Faculty and Staff association and a Green Dot (power-based personal violence prevention) facilitator.
Originally from outside Cleveland, Ohio, Tim received his M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, and his B.A. in English from John Carroll University in Cleveland. It was at JCU that Tim first experienced cura personalis, and his love for Jesuit education has remained strong since.