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The Art of Reading (EN 101) 

Cultivates reading, writing, thinking, and oral communication skills by investigating the kinds of attention that literary texts, in multiple genres, ask of readers. The course is writing intensive. Topics reflect the range of faculty expertise and interests and are selected to invite student curiosity. 

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Politics (PS 101)

The basic principles and problems of political science centered on the origin, powers, and limitations of the state and the nature of the political process.

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This pairing is recommended for students interested in Political Science, History and Global Studies.  For students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business, Sociology, Global Studies, Economics or Psychology,  Political Science will count as an elective.  EN 101 satisfies an English core requirement for all students.  

In many ways, the simplest introduction to theology is understanding Jesus' own views about God, the world, and human beings. This course assumes that the Lord's Prayer incorporates substantial answers about these matters, so we will study the Lord's Prayer in its biblical, historical, and contemporary contexts.
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