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Italian 101: Enjoying “la dolce vita” through the Challenges of Present Time (IT 101)

A thorough grounding in the four language skills: reading, understanding, writing, and speaking, as well as an understanding of lifestyle and culture of contemporary Italy. Culture of major and minor proportions is essential in being able to speak a language and to appreciate the country of its origin. (What will you talk about with Italians in Italy?). Dialogues and skits will be performed in groups. They will give you a chance to revisit the cultural themes we studied, and to express your creativity. At the end of this course, you will have elementary survival skills in Italian. For students with no previous knowledge of the language.

Faculty biography

Giuliana Risso Robberto was born in Asti, Italy, a beautiful medieval city among the hill of Monferrato in Piedmont. She attended the University of Torino where she received a Master in Education. After 15 years of teaching in her city, she moved to Heidelberg, Germany and though Italian at the local Volksschule. In 1999 with her husband Massimo she moved to Baltimore, and in 2000 started teaching Italian at Loyola. They have a daughter, her name is Gloria. She is 20. Giuliana’s passions are her family, her students, singing with the Peabody Community Chorus, swimming, walking, and taking care of her orchids.

The Art of Listening (MU 203)

Through guided listening and an investigation of the cultural histories behind selected works from the western musical tradition--from medieval chant to pop--this course helps students become more perceptive and informed listeners. The ability to read music is not a prerequisite. Fulfills fine arts core requirements.

Faculty biography

Remi Chiu is a specialist in music and medical history. His book, Plague and Music in the Renaissance, was published in 2017. His current work focuses on musical activities in 19th-century "freakshows" and other quasi-scientific entertainments. His thoughts and writings on music-making during the COVID lockdowns have been featured in The Guardian, NPR, and PBS.

Mentor biography

Brooke Herold Bio coming soon!


Virtual Advisor

MU 203 satisifies the Fine Arts Core Requirement for all students. Students will receive elective credit for IT 101. IT 101 is intended for students with no previous knowledge of Italian and will help students progress towards the successful completion of IT 104 - Loyola's core requirement for Foreign Language.

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