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The Good Life Course Pairing

The Art of Reading (EN 101)

For centuries, literary heroes have reflected the morals and values of the cultures that created them. This course exposes students to various types of literary heroes, each with their own characteristics, in fiction. From these examples, students develop their own ideas of what it means to be a hero and apply it to local, national, and international auto/biographical literature as well as their own lives.

Faculty biography

Dr. Brett Butler received his Ph.D. from Morgan State University, researching gender discourse in mid-20th century American literature. Prior to his career as an educator, he was a professional biographer, boxing journalist, and technical writer. He became a part of Loyola University's teaching community in 2020.

Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature (PL 232)

This course examines the concept of nature with particular attention to how ideas about hierarchy, gender, and violence have affected our relationship to the natural world. We will particularly focus on the links of oppression between humans and nature, and humans and animals. Some of the issues we will discuss include gender and animals; gender and race aspects of environmentalism in popular culture; women and climate change; women and environmental disasters; gender and urban environment; and global economy, nature, and gender.

Faculty biography

Dr. Selin Gursozlu grew up in Istanbul and received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from State University of New York at Binghamton. She held a three year post-doctoral teaching position at Villanova University before coming to Loyola in 2014. Her main areas of philosophical interest are Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy.  

Mentor biography

Taylor Thornton - bio coming soon!

Virtual Advisor

EN 101 satisfies the Literature core requirement for all students. Students who choose this pairing will be pre-registered for PL 201 in the fall semester as a pre-requisite to PL 232.