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The Good Life Course Pairing

Foundations of Philosophy (PL 201)

A one semester introduction to philosophy. Three focal points are covered: the emergence and development of rational theories on the nature of reality (metaphysics); questions concerning the grounds for distinguishing between knowledge and opinion (epistemology); and the nature and status of values (ethical, aesthetic, religious, etc.). Special attention is paid to the origins of philosophy and its historical beginnings in the ancient world.

Faculty biography

Professor David Gordon has been teaching in the Philosophy Department since 2016. He teaches Ethics, the History of Philosophy, and Environmental Philosophy. He has been involved in Messina since 2020.

The Art of Reading (EN 101)

Cultivates reading, writing, thinking, and oral communication skills by investigating the kinds of attention that literary texts, in multiple genres, ask of readers. The course is writing intensive. Topics reflect the range of faculty expertise and interests and are selected to invite student curiosity.

Faculty biography

Dr. Gayla McGlamery (B.A., Baylor University; Ph.D. Emory University) teaches introductory English courses as well as upper-level courses in Victorian literature and culture and film adaptation. She is Co-Director of the Honors Program, a past chair of the English Department; a former co-director of Loyola's international program in Leuven, Belgium; and a long-time academic advisor. She enjoys reading, travel, exploring the Baltimore food scene, watching Ravens football, and binge-watching film adaptations of 19th-Century novels and dark Scandinavian mysteries.

Mentor biography

Emma Gerhold currently serves in the role of Assistant Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Women’s Track Coach. She works primarily with the Greyhound sprints and hurdles squads. Emma has a Master’s of Education degree with a concentration in higher education administration from Frostburg State University.

Kate Charles works in the Residence Life and Housing Office as an Area Coordinator of Newman Towers. She earned a BA in English from Alfred University, in her hometown of Alfred, NY, and an MS in Student Affairs, Higher Education Administration from the University of Rochester, in Rochester, NY. One of her favorite parts of working in Higher Education is connecting, supporting, and mentoring students. She is passionate about student mental health, sexual violence education and prevention, student development, and more. With deep family roots in Baltimore, Kate enjoys spending time with her family, has a passion for books, and adores her two cats.

Virtual Advisor

EN 101 satisfies the English core requirement for all students. PL 201 satisfies the Philosophy core requirement for all students.