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The Good Life Course Pairing

The Good Life in American Society: Conversations, Classics, and Perspectives (SC 103D)

Throughout this course we will learn what it means to think sociologically. From the viewpoint of this rich discipline, everyday life and thought always exists within a social context. Indeed, social and cultural commerce along with individual and group identity, are inescapably the products of forces that limit or promote access to the wider environment of opportunity. This is to say that systems existing outside of the self are continually shaping patterns of experience that frame the lives and trajectories of all people. In examining the concept of ‘the good life’, we will focus upon promoting a greater level of awareness regarding the variegated topography indicative of American society. Importantly, the manner by which we will embark upon the journey toward understanding others is to first better understand ourselves. This course should appeal to students who are deeply interested in learning about the world around them.  

Faculty Biography

Dr. Jason Singh teaches a wide variety of courses in the sociology department. He holds an MPhil in Economic Sociology from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in the Sociology and Anthropology of Religion from the University of Durham. He and his wife Amanda immensely enjoy the outdoors; hiking, biking, running, and climbing are among their favorite endeavors. Eager to welcome his new Messina cohort to Loyola, Jason looks forward to outdoor excursions focusing on both the beautiful state parks of the area along with exploring the rich history and cultural diversity of Baltimore.

Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature (PL 232)

This course examines the concept of nature with particular attention to how ideas about hierarchy, gender, and violence have affected our relationship to the natural world. We will particularly focus on the links of oppression between humans and nature, and humans and animals. Some of the issues we will discuss include gender and animals; gendered and raced nature in popular culture; gender and climate change; gender and environmental disasters; gender and urban environment; and gender, nature and global economy.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Selin Gursozlu is a Lecturer of Philosophy. She grew up in Istanbul and received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from State University of New York at Binghamton. She held a three year post-doctoral teaching position at Villanova University before coming to Loyola in 2014. Her main areas of philosophical interest are Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy.

Mentor Biography

Federica Bucca
Mentor bio coming soon!

Mentor Biography

Sherie Gayle serves as the Assistant Director of Student Life in Campion Tower. She joined the Office of Student Life as a Graduate Resident Coordinator in 2016 and transitioned into the Assistant Director position in August of 2018. An alumnus of Loyola’s Master of Theological Studies, Sherie’s passion lies somewhere at the intersection of interreligious explorations, feminine theology, and racial justice.

In addition to her role as Assistant Director, Sherie was recently ordained a “Women’s Ministry Leader” of the Greater Baltimore Church. She has given many talks on the role of women, power, and religion, and is dedicated to advocating for women in general and minority women in particular. Additionally, she is also committed to nurturing emerging adults and new professionals.

When she is not functioning in her capacity as the Assistant Director, Sherie is living her best life as a ballroom dancer, an avid reader, a music maker, a world traveler, a patronizer of local minority owned businesses, and a writer.

Virtual Advisor

Both courses in this pairing satisfy core requirements for all students. SC 103D also satisfies the diversity requirement for all students.  For students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business, Sociology will count as an elective since Sellinger School of Business students will take Microeconomics Principles and Macroeconomic Principles as their two, core social science courses.

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