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The Art of Listening (MU 203)

This course introduces different ways of listening to and thinking about music in the "Western" tradition. Students will learn about the cultural contexts and aesthetic aims behind a wide range of music, from medieval chant to hip hop. The ability to read music is not a prerequisite. Fulfills fine arts core requirement.

Faculty biography

Dr. Remi Chiu is a specialist in music and medical history. His book, Plague and Music in the Renaissance, was published in 2017. His current work focuses on musical activities in 19th-century "freakshows" and other quasi-scientific entertainments. His thoughts and writings on music-making during the COVID lockdowns have been featured in The Guardian, NPR, and PBS.

Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature (PL 232)

This course examines the concept of nature with particular attention to how ideas about hierarchy, gender, and violence have affected our relationship to the natural world. We will particularly focus on the links of oppression between humans and nature, and humans and animals. Some of the issues we will discuss include gender and animals; gendered and raced nature in popular culture; gender and climate change; gender and environmental disasters; gender and urban environment; and gender, nature and global economy.

Faculty biography

Dr. Selin Gursozlu is a Lecturer of Philosophy. She grew up in Istanbul and received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from State University of New York at Binghamton. She held a three year post-doctoral teaching position at Villanova University before coming to Loyola in 2014. Her main areas of philosophical interest are Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy.

Mentor biography

Emily Poyraz is the Assistant Director for the Messina office. Prior to joining the Messina team, Emily taught Math and Science at the Middle School level. She is passionate about education, growth mindset, and restorative practices in the student transition process. Emily enjoys helping others and looks forward to supporting Messina faculty and students in the upcoming year.


Virtual Advisor

MU 203 satisifies the Fine Arts Core Requirement for all students. Students will be enrolled in PL 201, the prerequisite for PL 232, in the fall semester. Additionally, students will fulfill their Ethics core requirement in Theology since PL 232 will satisfy the second core requirement in Philosophy or Theology.

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