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How Markets Work: Real-World Applications of Supply and Demand (EC 102)

While driving to campus, I am reminded of how economic concepts are exemplified in the real world: a local coffee shop offers a free drink after purchasing twelve drinks in order to induce brand loyalty, a restaurant went out of business because it was located near a well-established rival, and a movie theater offers a student discount in order to attract more consumers and maximize profits. This class serves as an introduction to microeconomics, the study of the decision-making process of firms and households and their interaction in the marketplace. By using real-world examples and current events, students will develop their economic intuition so that they will be able to critically discuss and analyze economic issues.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Kerry Tan is a faculty member in the Economics department at Loyola University Maryland. He received his BA from the University of California, San Diego and his PhD from The Ohio State University. Professor Tan enjoys fueling his students’ curiosity for economics by connecting the course material to their everyday lives. He is a recent recipient of the Chair’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in Economics, as well as the Sellinger School’s STAR Award for Teaching. Professor Tan is fascinated by anything dealing with airplanes and conducts research on competition in the U.S. airline industry.

Effectively Writing the Good Life (WR 100)

Think about your favorite piece of writing -- what effect does it have on you? Effective writing has the strength to make someone laugh, think, learn and act. Your mission is in this course to write with strength and confidence. In this class, you will think about how powerful writing affects you both as a reader and a writer. Reading pieces by writers like Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Susan Casey will give you the chance to look through the lens of other writers in order to sharpen or refocus your own. Activities out of the classroom will serve to broaden your understanding of yourself in the context of your new community as well. In addition, you have the opportunity to take one of two tracks: the traditional path or the service-learning option. Service offers yet another text to integrate among our readings, discussions, and writing opportunities. On the service track, you’ll be asked to see yourself in direct relationship to those you meet at Tunbridge Charter School. Whether you opt for service-learning or not, you will have the opportunity to serve people outside our classroom through your writing. We will always try to contextualize our discussions beyond ourselves and to see how writers attempt to move their readers and affect the world around them. As you look beyond yourself, you will use your writing to envision who you wish to become. Along the way, you'll be writing for action.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Dominic Micer has been reading and writing for more than half a century and has been teaching writing for nearly a third of a century. His favorite book is Primo Levi's The Periodic Table; his favorite painting is Winslow Homer's Right and Left, and his favorite musical composition is Steve Reich's The Desert Music. He has been known to tell a joke or two in class; students in the class have been known to laugh at those jokes sometimes.

Mentor Biography

Kaileigh Jolliffe Bio coming soon!

Virtual Advisor

WR 100 satisfies the core writing requirements for all students.  Students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business will take Microeconomic Principles as one of their two social science core requirements. EC 102 does not fulfill core requirements for students interested in social science majors (Sociology, Psychology, Sociology, Global Studies). 

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