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The Good Life Course Pairing

Major Writers: Special Topics - Humor (EN 200)

When it comes to humor we think we are all experts in the field: we just know when something is funny or not. But humor is not an easy matter. Why do humans laugh but not animals? Why does comedy sometimes make us feel sad rather than happy? What exactly makes a joke funny? In this course, we will examine what makes humor humor: what elements and structures go into producing “funniness.” We will examine various theories of humor and the psychology behind it. 

Faculty Biography

Dr. Katherine Shloznikova is a faculty member in the department of English. She is a recent transplant to Baltimore from New York, among other places. She likes theater, museums, standup comedy and travelling. She is currently at work on a book about egoism and its discontents.

Experience of Theatre (DR 251)

Students experience theatre by performing different roles associated with theatrical production. Students act as readers, audience members, actors, reviewers, playwrights, directors, and designers. An emphasis is placed on students understanding and experiencing all aspects of the theatrical process. Includes attendance at theatre productions on campus and in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Jim Bunzli has taught in the Theatre program at Loyola for over 20 years and has directed a wide variety of productions on campus. He also works off campus as a professional actor and director, having served recently as Interim Artistic Director for Compass Rose Theatre in Annapolis. He is delighted to be able to inspire students to make theatre part of their lives-whether as a profession, an avocation, a just an occasional entertainment.

Mentor Biography

Sophie Williams is the Administrative Assistant for the Women's Center and Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion (SSWP). Prior to her employment at Loyola, Sophie graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre and has performed at numerous venues on the East Coast. A Baltimore native herself, she is happy to help Loyola students acclimate both to the Loyola's campus and its city. 

Virtual Advisor

EN 200 satisifies the core requirement of 200-level History or English for all students. It is recommended that students interested in this pairing have taken the AP English Exam. DR 251 satisfies the Fine Arts core requirement for all students.