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The Good Life Course Pairing

Introduction to Theology: The Craft of Theological Thought (TH 201)

What is God-talk and how do we do it? This course explores the ways that thinkers in the Judaeo-Christian traditions have contemplated the nature of God, what it means to be created by God, how human action hinders and helps the relationship to God, and what it means to be reconciled. This course emphasizes theology as something that is done, not just something we read.

Faculty Biography

Daniel McClain is a Visiting Assistant Professor and the Director of Program Operations in the Department of Theology. His research focuses on theology of education, and the way that theologians interweave Scripture, politics, literature, and art.


Humanity and Divinity (PL 230)

This course explores human nature, and the potential relationship between humans and God.  We will explore a multitude of questions related to the good life such as:  What does it mean to be a person? Is there a God? How might we know if there is a God? What is the relationship between knowledge and faith?

Faculty Biography

Dr. Meghan Page specializes in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of religion, and the intersection of the two.  She came to Loyola in 2015, after completing her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh and spending a year at Baylor as a post-doctoral fellow on The Nature and Value of Faith research project.

Mentor Biography

Annie Marshall is the Assistant Director of Business Operations at the FAC.  In her current role, Annie provides supervision to the Welcome Desk and Member Services staff along with daily management of business operations ‘behind the scenes’ at the FAC. A Minnesota native, she received her M.A. in Education and her B.A. in English. In her spare time, Annie enjoys running, biking, hiking and spending time with her wife, and their dogs, Luke and Penny.


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