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The Good Life Course Pairing

Knowledge, Existence and the Good Life: Perspectives of Philosophical Visionaries (PL 201)

The discipline of philosophy began because select individuals dared to step back from their daily routine and critically examine the foundational assumptions of their life and culture: what does it mean to know? what does it mean to exist? and what does it mean to live the good life? This class will focus on these three questions, the answers given by these ancient visionary thinkers, and how these answers have shaped the subsequent history of philosophy.

Faculty Biography

By training, Jeff Witt is a research specialist in high- and late-medieval philosophy and theology. But he has a special love for the history of philosophy taken as whole. He enjoys helping students see how this tradition of reflection and critical examination influences the other academic disciplines and helps to shape our own worldviews.


Understanding Literature: Secrets and Lies (EN101)

The characters we’ll meet this semester tell lies that range from the mundane to the monstrous.  Some lie to survive, some to fit in, and some to stand out. Some pay a price, but others never do. Whether they’re hiding a rotting corpse in an upstairs room or merely telling someone what they want to hear, the "tangled webs they weave" when they lie illuminate shifting ideas about truth, justice, and survival in American society.

In addition to exploring literature, we’ll discuss topics like social media, fake news, academic integrity, and ideologies of race, gender, and sexuality. Also, we’ll consider literature itself as a form of lying that reveals a central paradox: how can the invention of reality through language expose truths central to living the Good Life?

Faculty Biography

Sondra Guttman has taught in the Loyola English Department since 2008. Her special interests include literature of the 1930s and African American Modernism. She has a Ph.D. in English from Rutgers University, and B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars Program.


Mentor Biography

Meghan Fregeau is from Savannah, Georgia and is an alum of Loyola University that graduated in 2010 as a Marketing major.  She continued her degree at Loyola and received her M.B.A. in 2014 and is now the Budget Manager for Facilities and Campus Services.  During her time at Loyola, Meghan was a member of the Women’s Crew Team, studied abroad in Thailand, and was a work study student in the Office of Student Life who initially hired her as a full time employee after graduation in 2010.  She loves that she has the opportunity to continue to come to Loyola’s beautiful campus every day in her career and work with such amazing people and students.  She also enjoys playing indoor and beach volleyball, staying active, and spending time with her friends, family, and pet kitten, Roux.


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