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Visionary Course Pairing

Computers, Robots, and Minds (CS118)

This hands-on discovery course for students of all backgrounds will investigate how robotics will shape our future. Building on a foundational understanding of computer applications, this course guides students through a series of exploratory labs with computer software and robotic hardware. Students will gain a personal vision of how intelligent robots will shape future careers and everyday life. The course will consider visionaries in science and science fiction to understand how technologies arise from the human spirit.

Faculty Biography

Dawn Lawrie is a professor in the department of computer science and an adjunct researcher at Johns Hopkins University. She holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts and was recognized at the Loyola University’s Twelfth Annual Dean’s Symposium for outstanding achievement in research, teaching, and service. Her areas of expertise include information retrieval, natural language processing, and software engineering. Her current research focuses on creating algorithms that identify facts about people, places, and organizations so a machine can reason about those facts.

Visionaries in Technology and Information Systems (IS251)

Visionaries in technology have given us the Mac, iPod, Amazon, Netflix and Google. These types of technologies and businesses have transformed society and the way that we work and connect with each other. In this course we delve into tech leaders and technologies as a force for good in our everyday lives and workplaces. Hands-on laboratories allow students to develop useful skills for any job setting by stressing acquisition and use of data to make decisions.  We will be immersed in the strategic use of information systems (IS) to solve business problems and apply database, spreadsheet, and presentation skills to solve real world business challenges. This is a core course in the business school and required for all business majors and IS minors. Pre-requisite: CS118

Faculty Biography

Dr. Gloria Phillips-Wren loves technology and applying it to assist decision making for interesting business problems. She stresses hands-on experience with building and testing ideas in the information systems area.  Dr. Wren has been at Loyola for 15 years and had a former career in military technologies for future systems. Her PhD is in Information Systems. She has books listed on Amazon in intelligent technologies, research articles in various journals, and travels widely to interact with the research community. She would be happy to tell you about her family and, especially, her little grandson.

Mentor biography

Jay Ayd has lived in Baltimore for over 45 years, where he’s raised his six children, who range in age from 11 to 20 years old.  Jay started at Loyola University Maryland in September 2008 as the Manager of Printing & Mail Services, and is now the Assistant Director Campus Services.  Jay earned his B.S. in Business Administration from University of Baltimore and his MBA from Loyola.  Before coming to Loyola, Jay worked was a general manager for Ayd Transport, and Home Depot. 
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