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Microeconomic Principles (EC 102)

Investigates how individuals in market economies make decisions about what goods will be produced, how they will be produced, and for whom they will be produced. Students learn to analyze the impacts of changes in markets; illustrate the concepts of consumer demand and production; and explain the process of profit maximization under various market structures. Topics include the laws of supply and demand; behavior of firms in competitive and noncompetitive markets; functioning of labor and capital markets; poverty and income inequality; economics and the environment; economic systems in other countries.

Faculty biography

Professor Thomas Lyons is an affiliate faculty member in the Economics Department at Loyola University Maryland. 

Applied Calculus (MA 151)

A one semester introduction to calculus. It covers the definition, interpretation, and applications of the derivative especially in business and social sciences. As part of the Messina program the course offers a service path within Baltimore City, and a research path in topics related to sociological issues within Baltimore City.

Faculty biography

Professor Ethan Duckworth Bio coming soon!

Mentor biography

Tim Cherney is the Associate Director of Student Life for Community Development & LGBTQPIA+ Initiatives. In this role, he oversees residential social and educational programs that foster a welcoming and inclusive living environment for all students. Tim is specifically charged with increasing the sense of belonging amongst LGBTQPIA+ students in the residence halls.

Tim joined the Loyola Student Life team in 2007 as a live-in Assistant Director within the residence halls and feels blessed to have had the opportunity to continue his career at a place that has become his professional and personal home.

Originally from outside Cleveland, Ohio, Tim received his M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, and his B.A. in English from John Carroll University in Cleveland. It was at JCU that Tim first experienced cura personalis, and his love for Jesuit education has remained strong since.


Virtual Advisor

Students must have taken high school calculus or attained a 65-75 on the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Exam to be eligible for this course pairing. Students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business and/or Economics are strongly recommended to consider this pairing since MA 151 is the mathematics course that satisfies the core for business majors. MA 151 is not recommended for other majors. Students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business will take Microeconomic Principles as one of their two social science core requirements. EC 102 does not fulfill core requirements for students interested in social science majors (Sociology, Psychology, Sociology, Global Studies). 
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