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The Visionary Course Pairing

Introduction to Theology (TH 201)

The course explores Theology by studying religious visionaries, such as the prophet Amos, Jesus in the gospel of Saint Luke, the church father Saint Augustine, Saint Ignatius (founder of the Jesuits), the social activist Dorothy Day, and Pope Francis on the environment.  Critical and original theological reflection is encouraged in written assignments..

Faculty Biography

Rev. John Conley, S.J. is the Knott Professor of Philosophy and Theology.  He is the author of many philosophical books, including The Other Pascals (University of Notre Dame Press, 2019), and is a practicing playwright.

The Art of Listening (MU 203)

Introduces students to the major styles, genres, and works in the western art music tradition through guided listening. Students learn about the cultural contexts and aesthetic aims behind some of the most popular works still performed in concert halls today. Students apply the skills and lessons from the musical past, including the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras, to their own musical lives and become more perceptive and informed listeners. The ability to read music is not a prerequisite. 

Faculty Biography

Dr. Remi Chiu is a musicologist specializing in Renaissance music and the history of medicine. He is the author of Plague and Music in the Renaissance (Cambridge University Press), which examines the role of music and music-making in the medical, spiritual, and civic strategies for combating pestilence. His research into the music of past epidemics has yielded some unexpected insights into music-making under COVID-19, some of which have been featured in the press (such as The Guardian, and NPR). Dr. Chiu's latest research focuses on the role of music in popular (quasi-) scientific entertainments at the turn of the twentieth century, such as the medicine show and the freakshow. Click here for more details on his research activity.

Mentor biography

Joey Dwyer
My name is Joey Dwyer, and I serve as the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Loyola! I am a proud Greyhound from the Class of 2017, and I love working with our first year students to help the new generation of Greyhounds serve others in a diverse and changing world.

Virtual Advisor

Both courses in this pairing satisfy core requirements for all students. 

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