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The Visionary Course Pairing

Media Writing (CM 201)

Students learn basic story writing skills that can be applied across communication fields, including journalism, digital media, public relations, and advertising. In this course, students explore what news is, how to interview effectively, and how to distinguish fact from opinion or fiction. Students learn how to tailor their messages in advertising campaigns, to social media platforms, and how to direct their messages to the media in press releases. Students are also introduced to some basic grammar rules in communication fields and explore some of the ethical issues facing news journalists, advertising executives, and public relations professionals today. Required for communication majors.

Faculty biography

Professor Molly Robey teaches journalism, mass communication, and science-communication courses at Loyola. She is a freelance meteorologist and works for WJZ in Baltimore and The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two little boys. 

Creative Mindset: Discovering & Applying New Ways of Thinking (BA 205)

This course provides accessible and engaging content to encourage students to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship as a discipline and practice that can be applied to a variety of academic or professional career paths. The course highlights tools, techniques, and processes needed for a creative mindset as they apply to thinking, creating, and taking action. Through a collection of self-discovery activities, case studies, readings, and interactions with entrepreneurs and innovators, this course provides the student with the tools necessary to apply creative and entrepreneurial thinking to their studies, career, and life.

Faculty biography

Professor Jon Weinstein is an entrepreneur, management consultant, and executive coach with a varied, somewhat unusual history. He founded, built and sold Line of Sight, a firm focused on working with clients to improve their success through better project management, process improvement and managing organizational change. His clients ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, as well as local, state, and federal government organizations. Jon co-authored two books and scads of articles on topics including project management, leadership, strategic planning, and organizational change and hit the speaking circuit on these topics around the US, South Africa, and Europe. Jon has two roles at Loyola. As a Assistant Teaching Professor in the Sellinger School of Business & Management he teaches courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. As the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Loyola's Simon Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship he engage and mentors the next generation of entrepreneurs and community leaders. 

Mentor biography

Ellie Kenny holds a Bachelor of  Arts in Economics from UVA.  She received a Masters in Liberal Studies from Loyola in 2019.  She has worked in Athletics at Loyola University for 12 years. 

Virtual Advisor

BA205 is foundation course for Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor. This course pairing is recommended for students considering a Communication major or minor. Students not majoring or minoring in Communication will receive elective credit for CM 201.