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The Visionary Course Pairing

Microeconomic Principles (EC 102)

Investigates how individuals in market economies make decisions about what goods will be produced, how they will be produced, and for whom they will be produced. Students learn to analyze the impacts of changes in markets; illustrate the concepts of consumer demand and production; and explain the process of profit maximization under various market structures. Topics include the laws of supply and demand; behavior of firms in competitive and noncompetitive markets; functioning of labor and capital markets; poverty and income inequality; economics and the environment; economic systems in other countries.

Faculty biography

Fr. James Kelly, S.J. -- bio coming soon!

Philosophy of Happiness (PL 201)

A one semester introduction to philosophy. Three focal points are covered: the emergence and development of rational theories on the nature of reality (metaphysics); questions concerning the grounds for distinguishing between knowledge and opinion (epistemology); and the nature and status of values (ethical, aesthetic, religious, etc.). Special attention is paid to the origins of philosophy and its historical beginnings in the ancient world.

Faculty biography

Drew Leder, M.D., Ph.D. does work on the philosophy of the body, and philosophy of medicine. He also has written a number of books on cross-cultural spirituality in everyday life, and done work with and about maximum security prisoners. He is a "public philosopher" who is internationally known and whose work has been featured in many magazines and newspapers. He lives in Baltimore (happily) with his beloved wife and dog, visited by their two adult daughters. 

Mentor biography

Kristen Vickery is the Director of Evening Programs in the Sellinger School of Business. She has over 20 years teaching and working experience in higher education. Her bachelor's and master's degrees were completed at University on Maryland College Park and her doctorate was completed at George Washington University.

Virtual Advisor

This pairing is recommended for students considering a major in the Sellinger School of Business.  EC 102 satisfies a core social science requirement for Sellinger business students.  EC 102 is not recommended for students considering a major in Psychology, Sociology or Political Science.  PL 201 satisfies the Philosophy core requirement for all students.