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The Visionary Course Pairing

Intermediate Spanish II (SN 104)

A capstone course reviewing and reinforcing language skills learned in SN 101-103 to help students attain intermediate level as defined by ACTFL guidelines in the five skills: reading, writing, speaking, comprehension, and culture of Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking areas. Course includes use of the language in context, with authentic readings, discussion in Spanish, and film clips. Laboratory study outside the classroom is required.  

Faculty biography

Dr. Cynthia Fraga -- "I am multilingual and have a passion for traveling abroad and sports. I am from Argentina, and I coach club soccer year-round. In the winter, I am a ski instructor. I also play the guitar and sing so my Spanish classes are very dynamic as I bring all my passions into the classroom!"

Theology Matters: The Visionaries That Inspire Us (TH 201)

From the stories of ancient Jews and Christians in the pages of the Bible to our present-day social media posts, this course studies how human beings have encountered God throughout history. Together, we will explore universal questions on the meaning of human existence and the problem of evil, as well as the teachings of Jesus and the development of those teachings throughout Christianity's two-thousand year history. Creative questioning from both practitioners of Christianity and those of other or no religious background is encouraged. The course also includes an emphasis on social justice issues with an optional service-learning component.  

Faculty biography

Dr. Becky Walker is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Theology. She holds a Ph.D. in Historical Theology from Saint Louis University and began teaching at Loyola in 2022. Her research and teaching interests include early Christian literature in the Greek-speaking East, the history of interpretation of the Bible, and feminist theology. She teaches such courses as "Health and Healing in Early Christianity," "American Feminist Theologies," "Commenting on Scripture from Philo to Facebook," and "World Religions."

Mentor biography

Heather Moore -- "I am the Assistant Dean for the School of Education, have worked at Loyola for the past 15 years and been a Messina mentor for eleven years!  I am an undergraduate alumni from the 1900s!  I love Baltimore, and love sharing all it has to offer to Loyola's first year students!"

Virtual Advisor

SN 104 satisfies the World Languages core requirement. TH 201 satisfies the Theology core requirement for all students.