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The Visionary Course Pairing

Engineering, Design, and Creativity in the Built World (EG 103)

The pyramids and Gothic cathedrals as well as transportation, communication, and sanitation systems are just some examples of our engineered world. Students explore what makes engineering unique from the sciences—the elements of design and creative problem solving.

Emphasis is given to the historical and social contents of engineering design and its impact on our society. Students also explore the connections engineering has to visual thinking—graphic and industrial design.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Suzanne Keilson has been at Loyola for 25 years. She created this course as a unique offering for the Messina program. Her PhD is in Applied Physics and her research interests are in engineering education, design and innovation, as well as biomedical engineering, assisstive technologies, and signal processing. Her other interests include family, community, STEM outreach and the usual array of films, books, and health activities.

Survey of Art: Paleolithic to Gothic (AH 110/CL 241)

This course investigates how art and architecture provided powerful means to transcend norms of human experience from the paleolithic through medieval period. We will focus upon how human artistry transformed things and places into sites and sights that reached beyond ordinary experience to structure society, link earth to heaven, envision other orders of being, and connect past, present, and future. The class will pursue these explorations through a chronological series of case studies of objects and built environments that, in various ways, transcended time and place by representing divinity, projecting authority, aligning the mundane and cosmic, or continuing the presence of the dead.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Kerry Boeye received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and specializes in the study of medieval art. In his classes, he guides students to explore ideas through questioning and discussion, and enjoys joining his students in the intellectual discoveries that Art History has to offer.

Mentor Biography

Stephanie Andrews is a 2015 graduate of Towson University with a B.S. in Art History. She currently serves as an Academic Advising Specialist in the Academic Advising and Support Center. In 2019, she received a M.A. in Emerging Media from Loyola University Maryland. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, playing with her cat Izzy, and pursuing creative endeavors, such as knitting and writing.

Mentor Biography

Malika Rogers is the Facilities Reservationist for the Department of Event Services at Loyola University Maryland.

Virtual Advisor

Students considering a Engineering major are strongly recommended to preference this course pairing.  AH 110 satisfies a Fine Arts core requirement for all students.  AH 110 is co-listed with CL 241.


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