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The Visionary Course Pairing

Criminal Law and The Wire in Baltimore (LW 109D)

Provides a foundation for students who wish to explore the role that law plays in social, political, economic, and cultural life as it pertains to business behavior. The coursework provides a foundation of knowledge regarding the basic concepts necessary to understanding how business operates, the rules of law, and the influences and effects of law on the social and economic system. The course goal is to provide students with an understanding of the nature and functions of law in society and how law influences business behavior.

Faculty biography

Fr. Tim Brown, S.J. was born and raised in Michigan. He continued his higher education at Georgetown, Fordham, and George Mason University. Currently, Fr. Brown is an Associate Professor of Law in the Sellinger School of Business and Special Assistant to the President for the Office of Mission Integration. Fr. Brown helped pioneer service learning at Loyola University and has a great concern for improving justice in the world. He has a passion for teaching and inspiring students to make a contribution in the world.

Foundations of Philosophy (PL 201)

This exploratory course invites students to take a critical and careful read of the foundational texts that have become the underpinnings of many of our modern-day studies. This course begins with the Presocratics and ends with the Greek Philosophers. Readings from the Ancients are peppered throughout with contemporary articles and writings so students can make connections between what was taught then and what is studied today.

Faculty biography

Professor Nina Guise-Gerrity has been in the Philosophy department since 2010, primarily teaching Foundations of Philosophy and Political & Economic Philosophy. Her fields of interest include studying and teaching the theory and practice of the Socratic dialectic, new business development, and the intersectionality between politics and economic growth.

Mentor biography

Michael Puma was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but has called Baltimore home for the last 18 years. He has worked at Loyola as a member of the Student Life office and since 2011, as the founding Co-Director of Messina. Mike is a member of Loyola's Phi Beta Kappa and OUT Loyola - Loyola's LGBTQ group for faculty, staff and administrators. He also is a facilitator for Step Up! Active Bystander training and Loyola's LGBTQ+ Safe Zone Program.


Virtual Advisor

PL 201 satisfies a core requirement for all students and is taught with a service learning option. LW 109D counts toward the diversity requirement for all students. This course pairing may be particularly interesting to students who are interested in Forensics and/or pre-law.

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