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Visionary Course Pairing

History of Mathematics (MA108)

This course surveys the development of mathematical ideas throughout the history.  From the historical point of view we will discuss and analyze the mathematical concepts, critical thinking and problem solving.  We will discuss the historical development of numbers, calculations, geometry, algebra, concept of infinity in various civilization.  We will specifically emphasize the developments in Europe, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China.  We will also connect the history of mathematics to other fields such as natural and applied sciences, social sciences and business.

Faculty Biography

Dipa Sarkar-Dey earned Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences and Master of Science in Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.  She earned B.Sc. in Mathematics and M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. She began her career as a half-time faculty member at Loyola’s Mathematical Sciences Department and joined in the tenure-track position of the same department after completing her Ph.D. degree.  She is currently an associate professor of Mathematics and Statistics department.  She twice received the Teaching/Research Fulbright scholarship to teach outside US and has plenty of experience to teach diverse student body.

Introduction to Theology:  The Sense of Belonging (TH201)

Theology is the study of three relationships:  with God, with others, and with ourselves.  This course seeks to understand those relationships through reading, discussing, and writing about classic texts in theology beginning with the Bible.  Along the way we will ask: How do we belong to God?  What is alienation from God and from others? In what ways can we experience the good life by establishing or renewing our relationships?  Where do I belong in my family, in my community, and in a global setting?

Faculty Biography

Dr. Arthur M. Sutherland is an Associate Professor of Theology at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. He has advanced degrees from Yale University Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary. He did research in Germany and Switzerland for his doctoral dissertation.  His book I Was a Stranger: A Theology of Christian Hospitality, which addresses topics like immigration, exile, and violence, was nominated to receive the Grawemeyer Award for Religion.  His work has been featured in USA Today and other publications.  

Mentor Biographies

Dan began working at Loyola in the fall of 2016 as the Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Conduct.  As a Loyola alum Class of 2012, Dan had the privilege of attending Loyola as an undergraduate and obtaining his degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology.  In addition, Dan earned his Master of Education degree in College Student Personnel Administration from James Madison University.
Dan’s passion lies in mentoring students.  Whether mentoring is through conduct, Messina, or another outlet, Dan loves challenging and supporting students so they may become the best version of themselves.  Dan’s professional and research interests include: sexual and intimate partner violence advocacy and prevention, healthy masculinity, restorative practices, and training non-student affairs staff in student development theory.  
When Dan is not working you’ll find him reading a good sci-fi book, baking some delicious dessert, or playing volleyball in multiple Baltimore City leagues.  Dan's love for Baltimore always has him out and about in the city enjoying coffee, food, and the company of friends. 
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