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Visionary Course Pairing

Two-Dimensional Design with a Focus upon Sustainability and Activism (SA224)

This Visionary Two-Dimensional Design course is a hands-on introduction to materials, techniques, terminology and concepts that form the foundation of all the visual arts. Students make artwork of various kinds and learn to be able to talk about works of art, understanding how they are composed and how artists have addressed various topics they chosen. Some artists introduced will include activists seeking to influence societal change, such as healing the environment or raising consciousness about particular issues in sophisticated ways.
Two-Dimensional Design is a prerequisite for all Studio Arts courses except Drawing, and a requirement for Studio Arts full and interdisciplinary majors and minors, but it is structured for all ranges of experience, including beginners.

Faculty Biography

Professor Maher is a multi-discipline artist who undertakes large projects as the basis for her artwork. The media she has worked in and mixed over many years include drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, assemblage, digital, encaustic and artist’s books. She has also written two scholarly books. Her work is in many private and public collections and she has exhibited widely.

Introduction to Communication: How Does Technology Change Society? (CM203)

How do writers translate the world they see into words? How does reading literature show us different worlds —or perhaps, help us see our own world anew? In this course, we will read poems, short stories, and graphic narratives that envision the world in a variety of ways, highlighting writers whose experiments with language have transformed the very nature of literature itself.

Faculty Biography

Jonathan Lillie, PhD, is an associate professor of digital media and online journalism at Loyola. He was a Park Doctoral Fellow in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include online journalism, the cultural uses of Internet technologies, and the history of 'new' media.

Mentor Biographies

Michael Puma was born and raised in Brooklyn and currently serves as the Co-Director of Messina.  While at Loyola, Puma has taken part in several retreats and immersion trips including Road Trip, first year and senior retreat, UNITE, Spring Break Outreach and Encuentra El Salvador. He also served as president of Loyola's Phi Beta Kappa chapter and is a member of OUT Loyola - Loyola's LGBTQ group for faculty, staff and administrators.  He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration at the University of Maryland, College Park.
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