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Applied Calculus (MA1151)

Prerequisite: MA 109 or a score of 48 or better on Part II of the Math Placement Test or one year of high school calculus. A one semester introduction to calculus. Definition, interpretation, and applications of the derivative especially in business and social sciences.  This Messina section will cover the same material as other sections of MA 151, but will have more applications drawn from Loyola and the Baltimore area, and be based around student work and examples.  A graphing calculator and/or computer will be used. Degree credit will not be given for both MA 151 and MA 251. Closed to students minoring in mathematics or statistics.

Faculty Biography

I grew up on the West Coast, in Seattle, went to undergraduate school in Texas and graduate school in Oregon.  Since 2000 I’ve lived on the east coast, first in New Jersey, and then in Baltimore.  My wife, son and myself are now permanent Baltimoreans, and enjoy the restaurants, cultural attractions and outdoor attractions in the area.  Professionally, I’m a mathematician who studies abstract algebra. 

Computers, Nature and Art: Beauty from Computation (CS117)

Can we capture the beauty of nature and art in the dry logic of computers? Can we recreate by computer program the beauty of butterfly wings or pencil sketch? In this course we will do hands-on work with computational systems, such as random walks, particle systems and Lindemeyer grammars, that from simple rules produce complex patterns found in nature and used in art. We will use these systems to explore basic programming and the creation of web pages with graphics, manipulated photos and interactive animations, as well deeper questions about the mechanization of creativity and limits of computers. The course assumes no background in computer programming and is intended to be useful for all majors.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Roger Eastman specializes in visual computing, teaching courses in graphics for video games, computer art and scientific simulation for over 25 years. In research he has worked with Johns Hopkins Wilmer Institute staff on medical imaging for the diagnosis of glaucoma; with NASA researchers on the analysis of Earth and Mars satellite images; and currently with NIST staff on vision for smart manufacturing robotics. His 2010 Cambridge Press "Image Registration for Remote Sensing" received the Alpha Sigma Nu book award in science.

Mentor Biographies

Tonya Lewis is the Director of Graduate Programs in the School of Education. Tonya joined Loyola in 2008 as the Program Coordinator for the Jack Kent Cooke Funded College Advising program. Prior to working at Loyola, she served as a high school College Counselor, assisting high school seniors with preparation for post-secondary opportunities. She is a naive Washingtonian and received her B.S. and M.S. degree from University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Tonya is in her 3rd year as a Messina mentor and loves working with students as they transition to college life! 
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