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The Visionary 2

Knowledge, Existence, and The Good Life: Perspectives of Philosophical Visionaries (PL201V)

The discipline of philosophy began because select individuals dared to step back from their daily routine and critically examine the foundational assumptions of their life and culture: what does it mean to know? what does it mean to exist? and what does it mean to live the good life? This class will focus on these three questions, the answers given by these ancient visionary thinkers, and how these answers have shaped the subsequent history of philosophy.

Faculty Biography

By training, Jeff Witt is a research specialist in high- and late-medieval philosophy and theology. But he has a special love for the history of philosophy taken as whole. He enjoys helping students see how this tradition of reflection and critical examination influences the other academic disciplines and helps to shape our own worldviews.

Introduction to Communication: How Does Technology Change Society? (CM203V)

How do writers translate the world they see into words? How does reading literature show us different worlds —or perhaps, help us see our own world anew? In this course, we will read poems, short stories, and graphic narratives that envision the world in a variety of ways, highlighting writers whose experiments with language have transformed the very nature of literature itself.

Faculty Biography

Jonathan Lillie, PhD, is an associate professor of digital media and online journalism at Loyola. He was a Park Doctoral Fellow in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include online journalism, the cultural uses of Internet technologies, and the history of 'new' media.

Mentor Biography

Kathy Clark Petersen came to Loyola after receiving her Ph.D. in College Student Development and Higher Education Administration from the University of Maryland. While she currently serves as the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students, she has served in various capacities within the Student Development Division throughout her tenure at Loyola. She is passionate about students discovering their own gifts and talents and figuring out how they can be true to themselves as they offer their best to the Loyola community and beyond.

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