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Library Resources

The following library activities are available to Messina classes. 

Innovation Station Programs

General Tour

  • Library technology staff introduces and demonstrates each piece of technology, explains our waivers, trainings, and checkout system, and lets students try select technology (button maker and virtual reality). 
  • Optional: After the tour, library staff poses discussion questions to the class, such as, “What does this technology mean for the modern student experience? What are the pros and cons of having so much new technology available in a university setting?”

Mini Design Challenges

  • Students use materials from the Innovation Station to design something responding to a challenge. These can be general or targeted to a course’s subject—we’re open to your ideas!
  • Examples:
    • Slow Marble Run: Students compete to create a track that moves a marble the slowest using materials from the Messy Cart
    • Button Making: Students learn to use the button maker, then are challenged to design an effective campaign or advertising button

Mini Pop-Up Classes

  • Students learn a skill they can practice in the Innovation Station, then have time to experiment and create something. These can also be general or targeted to a course’s subject.
  • Examples:
    • Cricut Maker Decal Workshop: Students learn about the Cricut Maker, then design their own vinyl decal. The staff member cuts the decals.
    • Intro to Tinkercad: A Technology Services staff member gives an overview of basic functions in Tinkercad, then gives students time to create their own 3D models.
  • Students also learn how to register for 3D printer training to come back and print their creations. 

Team Projects

  • The entire class works as a team to create a project using tools from the Innovation Station
  • Examples:
    • Learn about 3D printing via a relevant 3D model pre-selected by the Messina professor
    • Use a 3D scanner to scan a statue or artifact
    • Use a drone to take photos of a building, then create a 3D model from the photos
    • Plan and record a podcast

Virtual Reality

  • Students learn to use Virtual Reality (VR) equipment and complete a VR experience selected by their professor. Library technology staff can work with faculty to find a VR program suited to their course. VR is especially well-suited to the humanities. 
  • VR options:
    • Set of 4 HTC Vive VR headsets: 4 students can use a headset at a time. Other students can watch what those students are seeing on monitors.
    • Classroom set of 30 Google Cardboards: Every student can use a headset simultaneously. Each student must have a smartphone to use with the headset.

Other Library Resources for Messina

Archives & Special Collections

  • Introduce your students to primary source research and put their critical thinking skills into practice through an orientation to the archives and hands-on activities with rare books or archival collections. The Library’s archivists can work with you to identify materials relevant to your course and learning objectives. 
  • To schedule Archives and Special Collections sessions please email or call 410-618-6870.

Specialized Information/Digital Literacy Activities and Projects

  • Collaborate with Research & Instruction Librarians to design activities and projects specifically tailored to your class assignments and curriculum.
  • To begin the collaboration process: Ask a Librarian.

Copyright Information Center

  • Find and evaluate Creative Commons materials for projects
  • Learn about copyright issues related to student work
  • Copyright Information Center