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Enrichment Session Plans
(Due September 23, 2021 for the fall 2021 semester)

The Enrichment session plan is submitted via Qualtrics by the Messina Mentor.  The plan submission allows the Messina office to better anticipate which resources Messina classes plan to use and what activities/events classes will attend during the semester.   The questions and information requested changes each semester.  As part of the submission, Mentors will upload their enrichment session schedule that they share with their students. 

The Enrichment Session Plan Qualtrics form will be available on September 7, 2021. 

Course Syllabus
(Due September 23, 2021 for the fall 2021 semester)

Faculty should submit a copy of their syllabus to messina@loyola.edu

Mid-Semester Check-Ins
(Due October 14, 2021 for the fall 2021 semester)

In early October and mid-to-late February, the working group should cancel one classroom enrichment session and use the time to meet as a group to discuss the progress of each student and the class as a whole. Meetings should take place between all members of the working group (Faculty members, Mentors, and Evergreens).

Directions about the purpose of the check-in meeting and directions for completing the Check-In Form may be found in the Messina Handbook.

Click here to access the Mid-Semester Check-In Form 

Messina Enrichment Session Audits
(Due December 16, 2021 for the fall 2021 semester)

The Messina Mentor's enrichment session audit help us streamline the training for our new faculty, mentors and Evergreens and refine the Messina resources we have, including the Messina Modules.

To streamline the collection, we will include an excel spreadsheet that includes a template for the current semester.  It helps for everyone to use the same worksheet when reporting back to us. Here a few tips for inputting information into the form:

  • We know that most of your plans will not follow the “once per week” session represented on the spreadsheet.  You are encouraged to insert rows if you held more than one session in a given week.  
  • If you did not meet during a week, please note “Session canceled” or “No session planned”
  • Be specific with location and presenter information – we are trying to assess how useful the classrooms have been for enrichment activities and which offices were involved in enrichment session presentations.  You can also indicate whether the faculty members, mentor or Evergreen took the role of primary presenter or if the responsibility was shared by the working group, an outside presenter or the students. For the Spring 2021 semester, all of the locations are assumed to be "virtual."
  • Estimate the number of hours each activity took to complete (most sessions will be 1 hour if completed during class time).
  • For the purple boxes (session content), please write a “1” in the box that best represents the primary focus of what you did during the session (of the six options provided – academic transition, social transition, reflection/discernment, course enrichment, theme related and service opportunity. Another option may also be relevant, but we ask that you limit your input to “1”.  Click on each heading for session content to get a more detailed description of each category. 
  • For the green boxes (format), write a “1” in the box that best represents the format of the session – an enrichment session held during the scheduled time, a Messina-sponsored campus event, a campus event not sponsored by Messina or an off-campus event. Click on each heading for format to get a more detailed description of each category. 
  • For the blue boxes (learning outcomes), place a "1" in as many learning outcomes areas that apply to what you planned for each session.  Click on each heading for learning outcomes to view each learning outcome. 
  • The open-ended questions address Messina priorities for the current academic year.
  • If you worked with two sections that planned the same enrichment sessions, you will only need to fill out one grid.  If the two sections differed, please submit two separate worksheets and complete the qualtrics form twice. 
  • Submit a qualtrics form for each enrichment audit you complete.


If you have any questions or would like assistance with these processes, please contact the Messina Office at 410-617-2669 or by e-mail at messina@loyola.edu. 




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