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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


Grant Handbook

Loyola University Maryland encourages faculty and administrators to seek external funding and is committed to managing these resources. Through its various offices, Loyola provides the institutional infrastructure for appropriate management of sponsor funding and ensures that Principal Investigators have the knowledge and resources necessary to manage awards appropriately. This manual is designed to serve as a guide for those who are interested in seeking external funding for projects to be conducted at Loyola. It provides an overview of procedures for the development, submission, and management of funds awarded by external sponsors.

Conflict of Interest Pertaining to Sponsored Projects 

The following document enunciates Loyola's conflict of interest policy pertaining to sponsored projects, which was last updated in 2017. If you have questions concerning conflict of interest pertaining to sponsored projects, please contact Julie Ryder, director of research and sponsored programs.

The conflict of interest policy stipulates that Loyola will implement more stringent requirements when required by a funding agency. One such case is for projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, The attached document should be referred to for projects funded by the NIH.

Intellectual Property

Loyola’s intellectual property policy covers creations subject to copyright or patent. If you have questions concerning intellectual property, please contact Julie Ryder, director of research and sponsored programs.

Please note an updated Intellectual property policy was approved and adopted February 2019.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Loyola University Maryland is committed to the responsible conduct of research (RCR). Loyola is committed to meeting the National Science Foundation (NSF) requirement that each institution have—at the time of proposal submission—a plan in place to provide training in the responsible and ethical conduct of research to all students and postdoctoral researchers participating in NSF-funded research. Information about the NSF requirement can be found on the NSF website.

Loyola  has identified the CITI Program (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative at the University of Miami) to meet this RCR requirement. While this requirement applies only to proposals supported by the NSF, please contact a member of the ORSP if you are interested in this training. Discipline specific course are available for the following areas:

  • Biomedical; 
  • Social & Behavioral Research;
  • Physical Sciences;
  • Humanities;
  • Engineers; and 
  • Administrators

The RCR topic areas include: Research Misconduct, Data Management, Conflict of Interest, Collaborative Science, Responsible Authorship, Mentoring, Peer Review, LabAnimals, Human subjects.

Principal investigators (PI) on NSF grants are responsible for informing and ensuring that students and/or post-doctoral researchers complete the training. The PI should inform the student which course should be taken. Faculty members should provide additional mentoring in the responsible conduct of research specific to the needs of the research being conducted.

The student should complete the training before beginning any research activities supported by the NSF grant. The PI must provide a copy of the certificate of completion to the ORSP before the initial payment request for the student or post-doctoral researcher is forwarded for payment.  The ORSP will maintain copies of the certificates of completion on file for NSF-supported research.

Before completing the training and for more information about obtaining a certificate of completion please contact the ORSP at orsp@loyola.edu.

How to Access the Training

  1. Go to www.citiprogram.org.
  2. Create your username and password.  
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Enter email address.
  5. If the training will not be completed at one time, keep a record of your user name and password so that you can log back in.
  6. Upon completion of the training, submit a copy of the certificate to the faculty member who is mentoring your research. 
  7. The faculty member will forward a copy of the certificate to the ORSP.

A more complete statement of Loyola responsible conduct of research education is available online.

Misconduct in Scholarship

The following document enunciates Loyola's misconduct in scholarship policy, which was passed in 2011. If you have questions concerning misconduct in scholarship, please contact Julie Ryder, director of research and sponsored programs.

Export Controls

The U.S. government regulates the export of goods and services including research to certain foreign countries and persons. The following information is meant to provide an overview of these restrictions so that you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you are not violating federal regulations. Please contact Julie Ryder, director of research and sponsored programs with questions.