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Wendy Chia-Smith 

Wendy Chia-Smith Granted Award for "Developmental Psychobiosocial States in Competitive Badminton"

Dr. Wendy Chia-Smith was awarded a grant of $5,000 in support of her study, “Developmental Psychobiosocial States in Competitive Badminton.” The project will examine the extent to which age impacts the psychobiosocial states of elite badminton players. The goal of the study is to assist coaches in understanding the individual zone of optimal function for each age group in order to help athletes cope with changing psychobiosocial states during matches. 

Kim Bannister 

Kim Bannister Granted Award for Julio Fine Arts Gallery

Kim Bannister and the Julio Fine Arts Gallery were awarded a Maryland State Arts grant for the third year in a row! The Gallery is committed to encouraging the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts through its offerings of diverse, high quality exhibitions, lectures, and workshops; and preserving its permanent collection art objects as a resource for the community.  

Mili Shah 

Mili Shah Awarded Grant for National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Intelligent Systems Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology has awarded a grant of $88,508 in support of Mili Shah’s project titled “Using Mathematics to Aid in the Evaluation, Calibration, and Analysis of Industrial Mobile Systems.” With this grant, Shah will conduct research in the field of robotic systems for smart manufacturing. Through a mathematical perspective, Shah will create performance metrics to evaluate industrial mobile systems, increase the mathematical foundation on the calibration of sensors used on/by industrial mobile systems, as well as analyze data from industrial mobile systems used in NIST laboratories. 

 Flyer for Multilingual Baltimore 

Andrea Thomas and Patrick Brough Awarded Grant for "Multilingual Baltimore"

Maryland Humanities has awarded a grant to Andrea Thomas and Patrick Brough for their video project “Multilingual Baltimore.” This screening is a video compilation and viewing of an oral history project students completed last year with immigrants who have settled in Baltimore. Students learn more about the language and immigrants share their stories, in their native language. The student interviews are in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish will be publically screened to foster mutual respect while bridging cultural divides in the Baltimore community. 

 Lena Caesar

 Lena Caesar Awarded Grant for The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

The American Speech- Language- Hearing Foundation has awarded a grant of $75,000 in support of Dr. Lena Caesar’s project titled, “The Ecological Validity of Narrative Sample Analysis for Diagnosing Language Disorders in Guyanese Children.” Caesar will use the grant to work to improve the lives of children who reside in Guyana, South America by collecting evidenced-based data that will assist in the accurate diagnosis of communication impairments in clinical populations. 


Scalenghe Awarded Grant for National Endowment for the Humanities

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded a grant of $210,912 in support of Sara Scalenghe’s project titled “Global Histories of Disability.” With this grant, Dr. Scalenghe will direct a four-week NEH Summer Institute for twenty-five college and university teachers held on the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. The Institute will consist of three core units organized geographically: The United States, Europe, and the “non-Western world,” specifically the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and East Asia. The units will be preceded by three days of introductions to the Institute, to Gallaudet University, to Deaf culture and ASL, and to disability history, and will be followed by one and a half days of participants’ project presentations.


Loyola to Receive Grant for Interfaith Innovation

The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) has awarded Loyola’s Campus Ministry a $5,000 Strategic Planning Interfaith Innovation Grant. This grant is designed to support the development of a campus-wide, multi-year strategic plan for interfaith cooperation on Loyola’s campus. Loyola will convene a diverse group of high-level stakeholders who will meet regularly throughout this upcoming academic year to design a strategic plan document. In addition to funding, IFYC will also provide strategic planning frameworks and resources, a student survey and analysis, coaching, and a two-day visit. Scott Adams, Assistant Director of Interfaith and Ecumenical Ministries will be leading this project.


Raunak Awarded Grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for Research on Software Testing

M.S. Raunak, associate professor of computer science, received an award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) program. This award provides financial assistance to support collaborative research in the broad areas of Advanced Network Technologies and Cloud Computing. Dr. Raunak will focus on Software Testing in his project titled, "Workflow-based Systematic Testing of Information Systems Software."


Castillo Awarded Louisville Institute First Book Grant for Minority Scholars

This award supports Daniel Castillo’s book, “An Ecological Theology of Liberation” which offers a narrative about the eco-liberationist reading of key themes in biblical theology. It addresses the question, “What is the relationship between salvation, human liberation, and care for creation?” The book highlights the need for radical transformation of society. Castillo discusses three subjects relating to the North American church. First, he talks about the complex ways of how the crises of material inequality and ecological degradation are linked. Also, he conveys that the interrelated preferential options for the poor and earth are intrinsic to the Christian faith. Lastly, he brings up of the forms these interrelated options might take within the landscape of contemporary politics and culture. Dr. Castillo is an assistant professor of Theology.

Camper Awarded Research Grant International Society for the History of Rhetoric and National Endowment of Humanities

Dr. Martin Camper has been awarded a research grant from the International Society for the History of Rhetoric and the National Endowment of Humanities Summer Stipend. This award will help support his work on his a second book titled, " How the Bible’s Meaning Changes: Argument and Controversy in the Church". The project explores five cases in Christian history since the 16th century where some segment of the church has completely reversed its official stance on a biblical issue. Camper plans to explore how these reversals in biblical meaning were accomplished through argument, building on a rhetorical method for analyzing interpretive controversies detailed in his first book, Arguing over Texts: The Rhetoric of Interpretation, which is due out from Oxford University Press 2017.


Loyola Education Professor Awarded Fulbright Senior Specialist Program Grant

Bradley Erford, Ph.D., professor of school counseling in the education specialties department at Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education, has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Specialist Program grant. The purpose of the grant is to develop a master’s program in clinical mental health counseling at MEF University in Istanbul, Turkey. Starting in early 2017, Erford will lead a collaborative effort among the MEF faculty and the university’s leadership to create a curriculum and apply for approval from Turkey’s Ministry of National Education. This English-speaking graduate program for clinical mental health counseling discipline will be Turkey’s first program. Also, this will be the first graduate program of any kind at MEF University. MEF plans to admit its first students to the new program in fall 2018.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Awarded Residency at São Paulo Escola de Teatro

Daniel Pinha, assistant professor of theatre at Loyola University Maryland, was awarded a residency at the prestigious São Paulo Escola de Teatro—Centro de Formação das Artes do Palco (São Paulo Drama School – Development Center for Stage Arts) in Brazil for the 2017 summer. Pinha will be exploring ways of creating scenic design that are not based on a script but rather on visual elements brought to the performance space. He will be studying how this particular process of creating a dramaturgy is effective and what the benefits are of developing the theatrical design from the visual elements.


Loyola Biology Faculty wins $154K Grant from the U.S. Department of Justice

Loyola faculty members of the biology department have won a grant of $154,521 from the U.S. Department of Justice to help create an accurate analysis of critical evidence involved in crime scene investigations by developing a technique for law enforcement to differentiate fly artifacts from human bloodstains. David Rivers, Ph.D., professor of biology and principal investigator, is involved in this two-year project alongside Rebecca Brogan, Ph.D., associate professor of biology, and Andrew Schoeffield, Ph.D., associate professor of biology.


Fenner & O’Neill Awarded EiF Grant

Assistant professor of engineering, Raenita Fenner, PhD, and professor of writing, Peggy O’Neill, PhD, have been awarded a grant from the Engineering Information Foundation (EiF). This interdisciplinary project looks to improve instruction of technical writing by integrating technical analysis with quality instruction in writing. 

NSF Funded Scholarship Program for Students

An interdisciplinary group of sciences faculty has been awarded a $565,495 grant from NSF to create a scholarship and mentoring program in which they will recruit and graduate academically talented low-income students pursuing a degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, or statistics. The new C-PaMS Scholars Program will award six students from the Class of 2020 and six from the Class of 2021 up to $10,000 annually during their four years at Loyola. Mili Shah, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics, will be the grant’s principal investigator.


NSF to Supercharge Research Computing Power at Loyola

 Four Loyola faculty members have been awarded a $280,120 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to build a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster that will exponentially expand research opportunities for faculty and students across disciplines. Megan Olsen, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer science and principal investigator on the grant. Olsen’s co-awardees are Biggi Albrecht, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry; David Binkley, Ph.D., professor of computer science; and Jeremy Schwartz, Ph.D., associate professor of economics.


MADE CLEAR Grant Awarded to Loyola to Support Climate Change Education

 The goal of this grant is to create more expertise on campus and to empower faculty and administrators to develop their ability and confidence to incorporate climate change education into both course curricula and co-curricular learning experiences. Bernadette Roche, Ph.D., associate professor of biology and director of environmental studies will serve as the project Principal Investigator. Roche’s co-awardees are Elizabeth Dahl, Ph.D., associate professor of Chemistry, and Randall Jones, Ph.D., associate professor of physics.


Undergraduate Physics to Get Boost from NSF

Loyola has been awarded an $80,977 grant from the NSF for a collaborative project that will significantly enhance undergraduate physics education by developing, evaluating, and sharing methods to incorporate workforce-relevant skills and activities in the student experience. Bahram Roughani, Ph.D., is the associate dean for natural and applied sciences and the principal investigator on the grant.


Rivers Awarded NSF Grant to Create a Network to Prep Students for Careers in Biotechnology

Loyola biology professor David Rivers, Ph.D., won a $50,000 grant from NSF to create and lead the Mid-Atlantic Biology Research and Career (MABRC) network. This network consists of biotechnology educators and professionals from the public and private organizations across the mid-Atlantic region committed to preparing students for careers in biotechnology. The aim of the network is to help high school and college students gain the professional skills needed for a career in the growing science field of biotechnology.


Coalition of Baltimore-Area Colleges Win $750K Grant from Department of Justice

 Loyola, along with nine other Baltimore-area colleges and universities, have won a $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. This grant is to generate new strategies to prevent, respond to, investigate, and hold offenders accountable for sexual assault and dating violence. It is also centered on creating a survivor-centered, trauma- informed approach to helping victims of sexual assault and dating violence. Katsura Kurita, J.D., assistant vice president for student development and Title IX deputy coordinator for students at Loyola will serve as project director.

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