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Funds to Promote Grants Excellence

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs seeks to support activities that will strengthen the Loyola faculty’s grant expertise. Three activities can be particularly impactful:

1. Serving on a review panel. Through serving on a grant review panel, the reviewer gains knowledge of the breadth and most current knowledge of his/her field as well as insight into what makes a grant proposal succeed (or fail) during peer review.

2. Obtaining comments from a colleague in one’s specific area of expertise on a draft of the proposal.

3. Meeting with a program officer to discuss one’s proposal early on in the application process.

In order to encourage these activities, the ORSP will fund these activities as follows, subject to the availability of funds:

1. A $500 stipend will be provided to a faculty member who serves on a federal review panel. This will be in addition to any compensation that is provided by the federal agency. Generally, a faculty member is eligible to receive this stipend once, although a subsequent award will be considered after the applicant has submitted a proposal to a funding agency.

2. Faculty members may identify a colleague outside of Loyola with subject matter expertise to review a draft of a grant proposal. The proposal must be sent to the reviewer no later than six weeks prior to the grant proposal deadline so that the review can be completed and allow for sufficient time for the applicant to integrate helpful comments into the proposal. Once the review is completed, the ORSP will provide $200 to the reviewer for this service.  

3. The ORSP will provide $50 (per person if for a collaborative project) to cover the cost of a round-trip visit to an agency located in Washington, D.C. for the purpose of meeting with a program officer. 

These activities will be supported subject to the availability of funds. To take advantage of any of them, you must first email Provide a brief explanation of your plans and the request.

The ORSP will not provide support for any activities that were not pre-approved.

For more information, please call 410-617-2188 or email