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Recent Sabbatical Awards


Sabbaticals Awarded for 2014-15

Robert Bailey, Ph.D., Engineering
Quantifying and Minimizing the Impact of False Diffusion on Microscale Flow Simulations

Richard Blum, Ph.D.,  Philosophy                                                                                                                         
The Philosophical Anthropology of Slavery: What American Slave Narratives Reveal about the Essence of Being Human

Diane Chaffee-Sorace, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures                                                                   
Heraldry and Painting in the Poetry of Luis de Gongora

Fr. John Conley, Ph.D.,
Beyond Gender: Philosophy of Marie de Gournay

Thomas DiLorenzo, Ph.D.,
The Political Economy of War

Nan Ellis, Ph.D.,
Law and Social Responsibility                                                                                                     
Corporate Criminal Liability: Lessons from General Motors and the Limits/Dangers of Imposing Criminal Liability upon Corporations

Douglas Harris, Ph.D., Political Science                                                                                                                 
The Public Speakership and Public Congressional Leadership

Janine Holc, Ph.D.,  Political Science
Local Factors Influencing Jewish Forced Labor in the Gross-Rosen Camp System: Findings from the Zentrale Stelle Archives

Roger Kashlak, Ph.D., Management and International Business                                                                       
International Education with Emerging Countries: Balance of Trade, Profitability, and Comparitive Advantadges of Safety and Health

Drew Leder, Ph.D., Philosophy                                                                                                                             
Distressed Bodies

Peter Lorenzi, Ph.D., Management and International Business
Global social entrepreneurship for sustainable development

Paul Lukacs, Ph.D., English                                                                                                                                     
The Wine Revolution

Gina Magyar-Russell, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling                                                                                               
Anxiety Burden from Cardioverter Defibrillators (ABCD)

Claire Mathews McGinnis, Ph.D., Theology
The Book of Exodus. A Literary and Theological Commentary

Nicholas Miller, Ph.D., English                                                                                                                               
The Transforming Figure: Animation, Metamorphosis, and the Modern Imagination

Robert Pomplun, Ph.D., Theology                                                                                                                         
The Theology of Gerard Manley Hopkins: From John Duns Scotus to the Baroque

David Rivers, Ph.D., Biology
Development of carrion breeding flies under heat stress conditions

Andrew Samuel, Ph.D., Economics
An investigation of bribery among U.S. Multinationals- evidence from Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violators

Dipa Sarkar-Dey, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics                                                                                           
Developing a History of Mathematics course which will eventually lead to doing further research on the history of mathematics

Sara Scalenghe, Ph.D., History                                                                                                                               
The History of Disability in the Modern Middle East

Diana Schaub, Ph.D., Political Science                                                                                                                   
Montesqieu and the Liberty of Women

Norman Sedgley, Ph.D., Economics
Credit Markets, credit constraints and the dynamics of R&D

Ali Sedaghat, Ph.D., Accounting                                                                                                                             
Corporate Controllers' Perspective of a Successful Balanced Scorecard

Karsonya Whitehead, Ph.D., Communication                                                                                                     
Notes from a Slave Ship: The 1749-51 Diary of William Chancellor


Sabbaticals Awarded for 2013-14

Frederick Bauerschmidt, Ph.D., Theology
Holy Teaching 2.0

Rebecca Brogan, Ph.D., Biology
Energy Utilization in the Ovarian Follicle

Dave Binkley, Ph.D., Computer Science
Evolution of Software Product Families for Safety Critical Systems

Jean Lee Cole, Ph.D., English
How the Other Half Laughs: The Comic Sensibility of Turn of the Century Art and Literature

Frank D'Souza, Ph.D., Finance
Stock Splits vs. Bonus Stock: Evidence from India

Ana Gomez-Perez, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literature
Forms of Exile: Rossa Chacel's Dream of Reason in Context

Rachel Grover, Ph.D., Psychology
Core Elements of Evidence-Based Treatments for Externalizing Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Afra Hersi, Ph.D., Teacher Education
Teacher Learning in the Age of Complexity: A Pilot Study

Steven Hughes, Ph.D., History
Blood for Honor: the Delitto d'Onore in Modern Italy

Margarity Jacome, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literature
Victims in Motion: Representations of Forced Displacement in Colombian Fiction

Libby Kumin, Ph.D., Speech Language Pathology
An Investigation of Communication Skills in Adults with Down Syndrome

Mary Lowe, Ph.D., Physics
Teaching Modules on the Physics of Medicine

Robert Miola, Ph.D., English
Editing Macbeth for Norton Complete Works

Cindy Moore, Ph.D., Writing
Composition in the Age of Accountability

Brian Murray, Ph.D., Writing
Dickens & Friends: Art and Society in Victorian London

Brian Norman, Ph.D., English
On Collaboration: Vulnerability and Consent in the Creative Encounter

Peggy O'Neil, Ph.D., Writing
The Social Construction of Writing Assesment: Theories, Practices, and Implications

Lee Richmond, Ph.D., Education Specialties
Finding Vision for School Counselor Education

Joseph Rossi S.J., Theology
The History of the Holy See's Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations

Jane Satterfield, Ph.D., Writing
Field Manual for the Forgotten

Robert Simmons III, Ph.D., Teacher Education
Interrupting the school to prison pipeline in urban Jesuit high school: The academic journey of African American males from an urban community

Joseph Stewart-Sickling, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling
Care for the Soul in a Post-Secular World

Arthur Sutherland, Ph.D., Theology
Theological Commentary on Ezekiel

Carsten Vala, Ph.D., Political Science
The Impact of China's "Going Global" Strategy on Latin American Economies, A Comparison of the Transformations in the Argentinian Soy and Chilean Copper Sectors

Sabbaticals Awarded for 2012-13

Carolyn Barry, Ph.D., Physchology
The Role of Close Relationships in Emerging Adults' Psychosocial Adjustment

Bryan Crockett, Ph.D., English
Shakespeare Shorthanded: 'Stolne and Surreptitious Copies                                                       

Elissa Derrickson, Ph.D., Biology
Adaptive plasticity in five species of Peromyscus to protein deficient diets

Christy DeVader, Ph.D., Management & International Business
Synthetic Fragrance in the Workplace: Research Extensions to Law and Marketing

Kelly DeVries, Ph.D., History    
The World’s Battlefield: Warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean from Troy to Iraq                  

Bill Donovan, Ph.D., History 
Pillar of Empire: the Salt Monopoly in Eighteenth Century Portugal and Brazil 

Bradley Erford, Ph,.D., Education Specialties   
Serving as president of the American Counseling Association, revising two textbooks, and authoring a peer reviewed article

Ramón Espejo-Saavedra, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures  
Authenticity and Artifice: Five Essays on Spanish "Costumbrismo"

Mickey Fenzel, Ph.D., Teacher Education 
Education of Latino/a Young Adolescents in Nativity Miguel Schools in the Southwest U.S.

Randy Jones, Ph.D., Physics
Atomistic Computational Simulations of Material Structure

Heather Lyons, Ph.D., Psychology   
Project 1: Job Search Behaviors of African Americans Experiencing Chronic Unemployment, Project 2: Cross-Cultural Validity of the Theory of Work Adjustment for African Americans in Low-Paying and Minimum Wage Positions                        

Thomas McCreight, Ph.D., Classics   
Il romanzo antico: Forme, testi, problemi (“The Ancient Novel: Forms, Texts, Problems”): A Translation                      

Jesse More, Ph.D., Chemistry     
Studies Towards the Chemical Synthesis of the Antifungal Natural Product Ezomycin A2                  

Lisa Oberbroeckling, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics     
Singular perturbed system of reaction-diffusion equations in 2D

Thomas Pegram, Ph.D., History
Enforcing Prohibition in Virginia

Mark Peyrot, Ph.D., Sociology
Access to Diabetes Self-Management

Elizabeth Schmidt, Ph.D., History
From State Collapse to the War on Terror: Foreign Intervention in Africa After the Cold War

Kathleen Siren, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
Acoustic analysis as a measure of progress in speech therapy

Wendy Smith, Ph.D., Teacher Education
A longitudinal Study of Middle School Girls’ Reading Abilities and Attitudes

Timothy Stapleton, Ph.D., Philosophy
Readings in Analytic Philosophy

Stephen Walters, Ph.D., Economics 
Boom Towns: Renewing the Urban American Dream

Marianne Ward, Ph.D., Economics
Reversal of Fortune? 50 Years of Independence in the British West Indies

Thomas Ward, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures
Inca Garcilaso’s Footprints across the Ages: The Andes, Hispanic Culture, and the Nation of Peru

Qiyu (Jason) Zhang, Ph.D., Marketing
A Study of Product Failure: Insights from the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hong Zhu, Ph.D., Accounting
Corporate Board and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sabbatical Awarded for 2011-12

Ursula Beitter, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literature
Once Upon a Time: The Significance of the Grimm “Children and Household Tales” – Then and Now

John Breihan, Ph.D., History
World War II Suburbia: Housing the Wartime Migration [book project]

Russell Cook, Ph.D., Communication
Philosophical Foundations of Mediated Communication

Bret Davis, Ph.D., Philosophy
Bridging East and West: Approaching Dialogue with the Kyoto School

Gregory Derry, Ph.D., Physics
Complexity and Chaos: From Menstrual Cycle Dynamics to the Emergence of Novelty

June Ellis, Ph.D., English
Worlds of Laughter: Humor Literature and Culture

Sharon Green-Hennessy, Ph.D., Psychology
The Utility of Cochrane Reviews for Determining Evidence-based Practices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

Ellen Hoadley, Ph.D., Information Systems/Operations Management
Effectiveness Metrics in Mental Health: the Case of Baltimore Mental Health Systems, Inc.

Richard Klink, Ph,.D., Marketing
Sound Symbolism Placement in Brand Names

Angela Leonard, Ph.D., History
Monuments, Menorials, and Sites of Memory: Preserving the Black Presence in the United Kingdom [book project]

Gayla McGlamery, Ph.D., English
Word and Image: Nineteenth-Century Classics on Screen

Alfred Michenzi, Ph.D., Accounting
Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards on the Education of Students and the Audit Profession: Revision of the Audit Course AC 421 & GB 765

Leslie Zarker Morganm Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literature
Une nouvelle synthèse sur l’épopée franco-italienne

Sharon Nell, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literature
L’Honnête Femme: The Respectable Woman in Society (Selections) and The New Collection of Letters and Responses by Contemporary Women. Translation and Edition Project co-conducted with Dr. Aurora Wolfgang, professor of French, California State University—San Bernardino

Lisa Schoenbrodt, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology/ Audiology
Organic Bases of Childhood Communication Disorders

Jiyuan Tao, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics
Some complementarity properties of linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D., Classics
The Art of Christmas

Nancy Williams, Ph.D., Economics
Measuring the Rebound of Prices after Environmental Cleanup: A Spatial Dependence Approach

Sabbaticals Awarded for 2010-2011

Mary Beth Akre, Ph.D., Fine Arts
Mixed Media Paintings, Installation, and Skyscapes

Neil M. Alperstein, Ph.D., Communication
Attitudes Among Teens and Young Adults Regarding Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising

James Bunzli, Ph.D., Fine Arts
The Myth of Autobiography: Contemporary Solo Performance in Essays, Interviews, and Tests

Hung-bin Ding, Ph.D., Management and International Business
Stakeholder Integration and Green Innovation Development in Family Firms

Randall P. Donaldson, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures
German Emigration into the Free State: The History of German-American Communities in Maryland

Michael Knapp, Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences
p-Adic integral zeros of forms in many variables

Dawn Lawire, Ph.D., Computer Science
Automatically building knowledge bases

Graham J. McAleer, Ph.D., Philosophy
Reading to Develop Graduate and Undergraduate Classes in Business Ethics

Katherine Elizabeth Oakes, Ph.D., LCPC, Pastoral Counseling
Evaluating Cultural Attunement in Culturally Competent Mental Health Counseling

Mark Osteen, Ph.D., English
The Big Night: Film Noir and American Dreams

Gloria Phillips-Wren, Ph.D., Information Systems and Operations Management
Social networks as an indicator of knowledge generation and transfer in the computer industry in Baltimore

Phoebe Dadakis Sharkey, Ph.D., Information Systems and Operations Management
Implementation of an Interoperable long term care Electronic Medical Record

Yoon S. Shin, Ph.D., Finance
Corporate Governance and Cost of Debt: The Case of Korea

Dale E. Snow, Ph.D., Philosophy
Schelling and the Conflict over Status of Nature

Jalal Soroosh, Ph.D., Accounting
Revision of Intermediate Accounting I (AC 301) to integrate IFRS

Anthony D. Villa, Ph.D., Fine Arts
A Set of Original Works for the Moderately-Sized Jazz Band

Robert J. Wicks, Psy.D., Pastoral Counseling
Spiritual Psychological Wisdom of Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen

Sabbaticals Awarded for 2009-2010

John Betz, Ph.D., Theology
Metaphysics and Theology: The Thought of Erich Przywara, S.J.

Richard Boothby, Ph.D., Philosophy
The Political Unconscious: The Unthought Roots of Familiar Opinions

Rev. Charles Borges, S.J., Ph.D., History
Catholic Religious Orders in India in the 16th- 18th centuries: Highs and Lows in Mission Strategy and Implementation

Angela Russell Christman, Ph.D., Theology
Theology, Exegesis, and the Pedegogu of Faith in Ambrose of Milan's Expositio Psalmi CXVIII

Jeffrey Cummings, Ph.D., Management and International Business
Knowledge Transfer across R&D Units

Nan Ellis, J.D., Law and Social Responsibility
Info Cap: The Workers' University: A Case Study of MicroCredit in Chile

Lisa Fairchild, Ph.D., Finance
The Information Content of Financial Institutions Rating Agencies and Their Ability to Predict Bank Failure

Kathleen Forni, Ph.D., English
Popular Chaucer: An Alternative Tradition

Michael Franz, Ph.D., Political Science
Religiously-Inspired Terrorism: Diagnosing the Component of Spiritual Disorder

Joseph Ganem, Ph.D., Physics
A Study of Energy Transfer Processes that Activate the Midinfrared Transitions of Praesodymium Ions in Potassium Lead Chloride

James Glenn, Ph.D., Computer Science

Catriona Hanley, Ph.D., Philosophy
Mastery and Releasement: The Double-Faced Concept of Peace from the Greek to the Present

Janet Headley, Ph.D., Fine Arts
Richard Krauss's Portrait of Theodore Parker, Boston;
George A. Lucas and his American Connections;
The Churches and the Neighborhood of North Avenue and Saint Paul Street in Late-Nineteenth Century, Baltimore;
Rembrandt Peale's Court of Death

Rev. Francis Hilton, S.J., Ph.D., Economics
Conquered Monsters: What Our Environmental Past Tells Us to Do about Climate Changes

Kermit Keeling, J.D., Accounting
Assessing the Effectiveness of the AICPS's Model Tax Curriculum

Matthew Kirkhart, Ph.D., Psychology
Unconscious Memory, Lying and Rule-Following

Nicholas Miller, Ph.D., English
Reading the Waste Land: Modernity, Metamorphosis, and the Mythical Method

Ralph Piedmont, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling
Understanding Pastoral Counseling as a Social Science