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Club Sports

Did you play high school sports? Have that competitive edge? Club Sports might be the place for you! Loyola's Club Sport teams bridge the gap between intramurals and varsity athletics, allowing you to enjoy extramural competition without the pressures of highly-structured varsity sports. Clubs are student directed, with members being required to assume responsibility for organizing contests and fundraising activities, while also providing a great opportunity to develop leadership skills. Most club teams compete in leagues against other local and regional teams and some teams even compete in national competitions.

Club Sports Resources

Loyola's Club Sport Offerings

Have a question about Loyola's club sports? Contact us by reaching out to a current team captain listed below or at clubsports@loyola.edu!

Co-Rec Clubs Coach Officers

Peter LoPresti
Andrew Pelcin


Christina George
Alexa Blanchard
Sophia Benfield

Gabby Phayme
Brett Duffy

 Field Hockey  

Elizabeth Bielic

Tyler Sokolowski

Ameer Jamal

Kiara Mohamed


Ethan Dixon
Brandon Tuccio

Oliver Woodward

Ely Bliss


Joe Fielding
Bree Smith
Mitch Engle


Luke Plecinoga
Hope Giese
Jackson Martin

Will Crabtree


Matt Ferioli

Reagan Waters
Lauren Sherlock

Tennis Andrew Ottey
Ultimate Frisbee  

Roshell Young
Christian Strader
Adolfo Martinez
Nicholas Muchisky
Jacob White

Men's Clubs Coach Officers

James Agoglia
Jarret O'Connor

Basketball Kyle-David Swift

Jack Suozzi
Jomar Meekins

Thomas Mills

 Ice Hockey Malcolm Roeder

Daniel Kane

Jacob Vande Loo

Tom Blumberg

Will Lyons
Nico Albano
Sean Jones


Jordan Moses
Ben Murphy
Connor Lawton
Josh Philips
Connor McCarthy


Kenny Ames, Program Head
Will Knipscher
Hugh Anderson

Bolden Blades
Paul Ruch
Josh Glatman
Sebastian Fernandez
Brennan Ames


Josh Long

Cooper Sciotto

Trey Stallings

Ed Baddour
Patrick Tejeda


Jacob Cole
Michael D'Onofrio

Women's Clubs Coach Officers

Devin DeMelis

Erin Murphy
Natalie Pacher
Maddie Holmes
Nina Elio

Ice Hockey Jon Meoli, Head Coach
Taylor Hadley, Assistant Coach

Caitlin Cavanaugh
Victoria Durham
Emma Alexander


Sarah Sheridan

Sarah Brooks

Bridget Scherer

Emily Grob

 Rugby Kathleen Malcotti

Cali Barton
Addie Loverin
Hannah Gholson

Sofia Hernandez

Katie Hogan


Bridget Botelho
Alexa Weyer

Katie McGinn

Softball Emily Solel

Ava Sansone
Julia Gagliardi

Erin Murphy


Isabella Mahan-Mesa
Hannah Roche

Bridget Shanley