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Meet Our Group Exercise Instructors

Bridget Kelly Bio Pic

Bridget Kelly, Supervisor

Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2020
Fitness Class: Cardio Kickboxing
Favorite Song: Delicate (Seeb Remix)- Taylor Swift & Seeb
Personal Bio: I have been teaching group exercise for over a year now. Certification is never easy, but the hard work showed me how much I love group exercise. My favorite part about teaching is that everyone is able to come to class, let out all their stress and have a good time. When it comes to fitness I love to look for things that challenge me; I think it is important to always be prepared for a challenge. I hope to continue teaching for a long time and have people fall in love with fitness just like I did!
Contact info: bekelly1@loyola.edu


Picture of Laura Marques

Laura Marques, Supervisor

Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2020
Fitness Class: Spin 45
Favorite Workout Song: Runaway (U & I) - Galantis
Personal Bio: This is my second year teaching group exercise and I could not be more excited! What I love about group exercise is the community it builds and the hard work & energy my riders bring to every single class. It inspires me to be better and never settle for less in all aspects of my life!
Contact info: lemarques@loyola.edu


Picture of Chloe OHara

Chloe O'Hara

Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2021
Fitness class: Bootcamp
Favorite workout song: Greenlight -D'mixmasters

Personal Bio: Throughout my high school years, one of my goals was to join ROTC and pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) during freshman year of college. Last year I was able to successfully reach that goal, and I attribute my success to the group exercise classes that I have faithfully participated in for years. I have been motivated and challenged by so many outstanding instructors, and now it is my time to give back. I have designed safe and effective classes that will help participants fuel cardio fitness, build muscle, and leave feeling empowered to reach their own personal health and fitness goals. As a certified instructor at the FAC, I am committed and beyond excited to inspire and lead others to work out with a purpose. 

Contact info: cjohara@loyola.edu


Picture of Elisa Jonas

Elisa Jonas

Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2020
Fitness Class: Barre
Favorite Workout Song: Define by Dom Dolla
Personal Bio: I started teaching Barre classes last year after looking for something to replace many years of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern. I fell in love with this style of teaching and wanted to give others on Loyola's campus the opportunity to do the same!
Contact info: enjonas@loyola.edu


Picture of Kaileigh Jolliffe

Kaileigh Jolliffe

Education:  Undergraduate and Graduate degree from Loyola University Maryland
Fitness Class: Power Yoga
Favorite Workout Song:  Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Personal Bio: As a fitness enthusiast, I began practicing Yoga for the physical benefits to enhance my flexibility, strength, and balance.  However, through consistent practice, I began to experience the mental benefits which caused me to fall in love with it.  This drove me to pursue my Yoga teaching certification.  I completed my 200-hour RYT training through a month long intensive course in Bali, Indonesia.  I love teaching Yoga to college students because it helps them achieve a more balanced lifestyle.  I draw from my passion for fitness by providing a physically challenging, yet mentally rejuvenating experience to my students. 
Contact info: krjolliffe@loyola.edu


Picture of Lisa Ruzzo

Lisa Ruzzo

Education: BS in Speech Pathology
Fitness Classes: Absolution, Butts and Guts, and Ball Pilates
Personal Bio: I was taking ballet and toe from age 5 until I was 20 and gave up ballet to pursue Group X teaching. I have been teaching fitness for 35 years now and it's my passion and my life. I teach very safe classes but, I am a hard-core teacher who is loud and strict but you will get fit in my classes.
Contact info: 443-310-6841


Maguire Brinkley

Education: Undergraduate William and Mary 2015
                  Graduate Loyola PsyD Program 2022
Fitness Class: Lift
Favorite Workout Song: Mi Gente - J Balvin, Willy William
Personal Bio: During my undergrad I was an avid participant in group fitness. So when I decided on Loyola for graduate school, I was excited to attend classes again, but facing the other way as an instructor. I wanted to maintain my love of fitness while helping others build and maintain their own. To me, exercise is an important part of mental health, which is what I have dedicated my life to promote! I hope you come join me bright and early for Lift!
Contact info: mbrinkley@loyola.edu


Picture of Savannah Fernandez

Savannah Fernandez

Education: Undergraduate at Florida State University 2016; PsyD at Loyola University Maryland 2021
Fitness Class: Spin 45
Favorite Workout Song: BOOM- Tiesto
Personal Bio: I am a retired swimmer and I always loved how group fitness had a community for fun exercise and hard work just like athletics did. I wanted to take my passion for fitness and group exercise to the next level, so I am excited to be teaching Spin for the first time this year! I hope to lead people through a workout that is both challenging and fun!
Contact info: sfernandez@loyola.edu


Mikaela Dedona

Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2019
Fitness Class: Spin 45
Contact infomsdedona@loyola.edu