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Meet Our Group Exercise Instructors

katie in a field

Katie West, Supervisor

  • Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2022. English Major with minors in Urban Education & American Studies
  • Class: Barre
  • Favorite Workout Song: The Man by Taylor Swift

Personal Bio: My love for fitness began with running and the way it is equally mentally and physically challenging. I discovered Barre as a way to strengthen my body, and I quickly fell in love with the workout. I have been lucky enough to share this love and help other individuals reach their fitness goals throughout my four years of teaching Barre at Loyola University. Barre offers individuals a safe, healthy, challenging, and fun way to strengthen your entire body. GroupX and teaching Barre has been one of my favorite parts of my time at Loyola University. I truly love that I have the opportunity to inspire so many incredible people!
I am looking forward to another year of fun playlists, challenging workouts, and helping new people along their fitness journey!

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photo of Tatum smiling  Tatum Amato

  • Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2023. Major in International Business and Finance with a minor in Philosophy
  • Fitness Class: Power & Pulse (Spin)
  • Favorite Workout Song: Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa

Personal Bio: In high school, I played a lot of sports to stay active. During my freshman year of college, I decided against participating in sports and began to attend many of the fitness classes that Loyola offered. After the first couple weeks, I discovered spin and fell in love. I learned that Loyola needed spin instructors, and quickly got certified and interviewed for the position. Currently I am going into my junior year, and I am beyond excited to teach Power & Pulse. Spin offers a place for me to destress and maintain a healthy fitness regime. I look forward to creating a safe and fun environment for participants to be able to workout to great music and have fun! Come spin with me this semester!

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photo of Linnea in front of a brick wall

Linnea Hammer

  • Education: Clinical Professional Counseling Master’s Program
  • Class: Yoga & Yin Yoga
  • Favorite workout song: Did It On’em, Nicki Minaj, but for Yoga Om: Hippie Sabotage

Personal Bio: I have been teaching Yoga for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I previously taught at Towson University, where I also led a group meditation class. I love bonding with my students and being able to bring them some peace and serenity in their day. I hope to continue practicing and teaching yoga throughout the rest of my life :)

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Gill taking photo next to car Gill Skeffington

  • Education: Business Administration Major, Marketing Concentration 2023
  • Fitness Class: Cardio Barre
  • Favorite Workout Song: Hot Stuff - Kygo, Donna Summer

Personal Bio: Participating in Group X classes my Freshman year became part of my weekly routine and I fell in love with the environment and positive energy that it brought to the Loyola community. I knew teaching was always one of my passions and I felt a calling to teach a Group X class, Barre specifically. What I love most about Barre is that you are able to target almost every part of your body through simple pulsing motions that can be easily modified to any level of fitness. I truly enjoy inspiring people to stay active through fitness and hope to continue to do so even after graduation.

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photo of Julianna with her hand on her hip  Julianna Mattei

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland Undergraduate 2022. Major: Speech language hearing sciences. Minor: Writing
  • Fitness Class: Rhythmic Power Spin
  • Favorite Workout Song: Haters by Deorro

Personal Bio: I’ve been doing spin for about four years now and teach at both the FAC and a studio in New Jersey. I love group fitness and think it is such a fun way to get moving! Spin is a great stress reliever for me and I hope it can be for many others!

Contact Information:

Julia posing in front of the FACJulia Cataneo

  • Education: Theology & Economics, minoring in Italian Studies & Catholic Studies 2022
  • Fitness Class: Yoga
  • Favorite Workout Song: Secrets by The Weekend

Personal Bio: I began Yoga Teacher Training in my Junior Year of high school and started teaching the following year. I have taught at the FAC since Fall 2019 and have found so much joy here! Yoga sessions have developed into an energetic community of Greyhounds in a shared pursuit of wellness. Through yoga, I hope to help practitioners cultivate an appreciation for themselves and for one another, in addition to stretching their hamstrings.

Contact Information:

Photo of Bridget with a dock behind her Bridget Parsons

  • Education: Undergraduate at Loyola university Maryland class of 2024 Economics BBA Major
  • Fitness class: Spin
  • Favorite Workout Song: Freedom by Beyoncé ft Kendrick Lamar

Personal Bio: Hello everyone, my name is Bridget parsons and I am from Marshfield Ma. This will be my first year teaching spin at Loyola but I have been teaching at a studio back home for about a year. One thing I love about group fitness classes is how everyone comes together and motivates each other. Throughout the pandemic I learned that I enjoy working out in groups much more than working out on my own and I am so excited that it is finally safe to do so! A fun fact about me is I am a huge Taylor Swift fan so you can look forward to seeing some of her songs in my classes! I am so excited to get started teaching this fall!!

Contact Information:

meaghan the fitness instructor in a field Meaghan Parsons

  • Education: Undergraduate class of 2024 Global Studies Major Communication Minor
  • Fitness Class: Spin Instructor
  • Favorite workout song: Tell Me you Love Me by Galantis

Personal Bio: I am so excited to start teaching spin at the Loyola FAC this year. I’ve been interested in group fitness for a long time, as I’ve worked at a spin studio in my hometown and taught there. I love the energy and motivation you get from each other while participating in a group class. When I’m off the bike you can find me at the beach in the summer and skiing in the winter! I can’t wait for a great year!

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Abby standing next too a bike Abby Chipman

  • Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2022. Majoring in communications with a specialization in digital media
  • Fitness class: Spin
  • Favorite workout song: Seven Nation Army

Personal Bio: Growing up as an athlete, I always wanted to give my all into every game or competition. After graduating high-school, I was able to transfer that competitive side into fitness classes. I strived to give my all and knew that I wanted to help others achieve their goals as well. I was always so inspired and motivated by the amazing fitness instructors I have gone to in the past. I knew that in my future I wanted to be in their shoes. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I finally reached that goal! My favorite part about spin classes is our ability to ride to the rhythm of the beat and make the workout so much fun! As a Certified Spin Instructor, I am so beyond excited to deliver the most effective workout in the best way possible!

Contact Information:

Anna Tignor headshotAnna Tignor

  • Education: Undergraduate at Loyola University Maryland 2022 Major: speech-language/hearing sciences and minor: Business
  • Fitness class: Power Spin
  • Favorite workout song: Big Bootie remix - any of them!

Personal Bio: During my late high school years, I began lifting with my older sister and doing her lacrosse workouts with her. One of my goals was to improve my health and fitness to help me be the best version of myself, and my sister helped me do just that. Working out became an essential part of my life that helped me feel the best I’ve ever felt. When I arrived at Loyola and found group exercise, I used it as an outlet to keep myself motivated and explore different ways of working out. The first time I took a spin class I was hooked. The amazing instructors challenged my endurance and cardio in a fun atmosphere and motivated me to change my habits for the better. The feeling I get at the end of each spin workout is like no other, and I knew I wanted to give others the opportunity to feel that by becoming a certified instructor at the FAC. I design safe, fun and effective playlists to help others reach their fitness goals in an exciting and motivating environment. I am excited and hopeful to inspire others on their health and fitness journeys through Group X at Loyola.

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photo of nada in white dress Nada Jokhadar

  • Education: Undergraduate Loyola University Maryland 2023. Major in Biopsychology
  • Fitness Classes: Kick’n’HIIT & Lift
  • Favorite Song: Levitating by Dua Lipa

Personal Bio: I have been an instructor for about a year and have loved every moment of it! My first year at Loyola I took a fitness class, was inspired by the other instructor’s passion, and now here I am as an instructor for two different classes. I cannot wait to continue improving my classes to challenge and inspire others along their fitness journeys!

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Katie Quinn

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland class of 2023 Biology/Psychology interdisciplinary Major
  • GroupX Class: Lift
  • Favorite Workout Song: Run the World by Beyoncé

Personal Bio: This will be my first year as a certified group X instructor! I am beyond excited to teach, inspire, and be inspired by my peers! I am looking forward to being a part of this growing community by helping others to feel supported and strong. I started lifting and strength training 2 years ago once I was finished with gymnastics because I wanted to manifest my love for movement into something else. I love lifting because it makes me feel strong, it relieves stress after a long day, and it boosts my mood!

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Rachel standing in front of bushes Rachel Martin 

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland Business Administration major with a concentration in economics and minoring in math
  • GroupX Class: HIT
  • Favorite Workout Song: Where Ya At by Future and Drake

Personal Bio: This is her first year teaching, and she’s excited to be surrounded by a group of people who want to better their mind and body! She can’t wait to HIT the ground running and start teaching!

Contact Information: