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Our Facilities

Carpool lane in front of the glass and stone FAC building


Drop-off and Pick-up will take place right in front of the Fitness & Aquatic Center and will be set up as a carpool line. Parents/guardians do not need to park. You will pull up to the curb and a staff member will assist with checking in/out your camper(s).
Aerial view of climbing walls on 3 sides and a mat on the ground

Climbing Wall

Campers will be able to participate at the climbing wall. No experience is necessary for  campers. All counselors will be certified in belay to help assist their campers get up and down the wall.
Fresh looking multi-lane swimming pool with green and white flags overhead

Indoor Pool

The 14 lane 25-yeard indoor pool is used for free swimming and other water activities. Lifeguards are always on duty and camp counselors are required to be in the pool or on the pool deck with their campers. Let your kid swim in the same pool Michael Phelps has swam in!
Brightly lit indoor court lined for multiple sports with a running track overhead on the next level

MAC Court

The multi-activity court will be used for a variety of activities including numerous sport and camp games, fitness and dance, and a camp favorite relay-races! This court will also be used for campers to show off their performance of the day. Performances include group dance, talent show, group joke, and various other fun competitions.
Two wood-floor indoor basketball courts side-by-side

Two-Court Gymnasium

These courts will be used for various camp activities and sport games. Divider curtains allow this space to be used for small or large group activities. The gymnasium allows ample space for campers to run around and stay active. The perfect spot for games and activities during inclement weather!
Fitness studio with wood floors, large mirrors, and plenty of exercise equipment against one wall

Fitness Studio

This space will be used for camp games, group activities, yoga, dance, and more! This is the perfect spot for single group activity during inclement weather. Let the creativity begin!
Classroom with rows of tables, podium, whiteboard, and window looking out to the wooded surrounding area

FAC Classroom

The FAC Classroom will be a space for campers to participate in arts & crafts, movies, card games, trivia, and small group gatherings. The FAC Classroom will also be used for down time during before and after care.
Grass field surrounded by fencing and evergreen trees on a clear blue day

Outdoor Grass Field

Adjacent to the facility, this is the perfect spot for campers to be active outside! With a fence around the field, the campers will be able to run around safely and participate in a variety of camp games and activities while enjoying the summer weather!