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Forms & What to Bring

Health & Participation Forms 

Campers will not be allowed to attend camp or participate in specialized activities without filling out all forms below. Please fill out all forms and send to Camp Greyhound at 

What to Bring

  • Refillable Water Bottle: Campers can refill throughout the day. Pleas have the camper’s last name on the bottle.
  • Athletic Shoes: The only type of footwear acceptable at camp is closed-heel and closed-toe shoes with socks. Please do not send campers in sandals or any other open toe shoes. Camp Greyhound is a highly active camp, so it is important to have the appropriate footwear.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Campers should wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather and high activity.
  • Swimwear & Towel: If your camper is participating in swimming, please bring a swimsuit and towel.
  • Full Lunch: Camp does not provide any food to campers, therefore please bring a full lunch. We highly suggest putting lunch in an insulated container as lunches will be stored indoors but not refrigerated.
  • Two (2) Snacks: Please place two healthy, non-perishable snacks in your campers’ bags.
  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray: Campers should come to camp with sunscreen already applied, however please send your camper with a bottle of sunscreen with their name on it as we will re-apply throughout the day. Bug Spray is not mandatory but highly suggested. 

What not to Bring

Please do not send your camper with any money, personal toys, or electronics.