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Baltimore Police Youth Challenge (PYC)

The Baltimore Police Youth Challenge is a mission driven program aiming to change the perceptions and improve interactions between the youth and the Baltimore City Police Department. Created by the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School, 45 - 60 youth and police officers participate in small group challenges and specially designed trainings every Thursday. Focus areas include: specific life skill development and classroom behaviors.


Squashwise is a long-term support system program created to provide opportunities for aspiring Baltimore youth. This program focuses on academics, squash, and wellness activities. These activities prepare students for college prep and workplace readiness. Students join the Squashwise family in their middle school years and get continuous support as they achieve their educational, athletic and career goals.

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys

The Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys is the first charter school in the city to serve exclusively boys with a continuous academic program from grades 4 through 8. The school provides the boys with the finest liberal arts education, ensuring them to become responsible citizens leading and serving their communities, nation and world. All high school boys are promised admission to their college of choice and readiness to compete at top tier colleges around the country. 

Campus Partners

Counseling Center

Quarantine Self-care: 
The Self-Care Live Workshop During COVID-19 is an all-encompassing experience that will culminate in having your own action plan for coping and managing through the COVID-19 pandemic. During this workshop, you will engage in a variety of exercises and reflections to be able to create more effective, healthy, and practical ways to take care of your needs. This workshop will be offered every Monday from 3-4pm and every other Thursday from 11am-12pm starting the week of September 21. To sign up please visit the counseling-center.
Drop-in Meditation Sessions:
Weekly 30-minute meditation sessions to de-stress and learn basic relaxation techniques. No experience or registration required. Join us on Zoom Wednesdays from 3:00-3:30 EST. For more information please visit the counseling-center.
This recorded workshop will introduce the benefits of journaling and provide prompts for students to explore their thoughts and feelings.

RIO (Recognition, Insight, Openness)
An innovative program specifically tailored to provide quick and useful tools without overburdening the busy schedules of Loyola students. RIO is a 3-week psychoeducational seminar designed to help students clarify their concerns and develop a clearer sense of what they would like to change in their lives.  Programs like RIO have been shown to help with overall functioning and sense of well-being, improve concentration and grades, and make adjusting successfully to new environments and challenges more likely. RIO is currently being offered multiple days and times per week via HIPPA-compliant Zoom. Sign-up by going to the the counseling-center website and the form at the bottom of their workshops and groups webpage.
Empower - Tuesdays, 2pm-3:15pm EST (Starting 9/22/20)

Empower is a weekly, virtual support group for any Loyola graduate or undergraduate student who identifies as a person of color. The group provides an affinity space for participants to discuss the impact of racial injustice and issues unique to their experience at a predominantly white institution. Please email Kourtney Bennett, PhD at kbennett@loyola.edu or Dennis Velez, MA at dvelez@loyola.edu with any questions. Sign-up by going to the the counseling-center website then using the form at the bottom of their groups page - Group Sign-up


Black Minds Matter - Coming soon!

Join the counseling center for a conversation about the impact of racial violence and injustice on our communities. This will be an affinity space for Black undergraduate and graduate students. Feel free to email Kourtney Bennett, PhD at kbennett@loyola.edu or Sheila Graham, PhD at svgraham@loyola.edu with any questions about the space. They look forward to connecting with you; follow them on Instagram for scheduling updates loyolamd_counselingcenter 


In, Out, & In Between - Thursdays, 3pm-4:30pm EST (Starting on 9/24/20)

In, Out, & In Between is a weekly, virtual support group for LGBTQIA+ graduate and undergraduate students at Loyola. Register at in-out-between Feel free to reach out to Brandon Muncy, LMHC at gbmuncy@loyola.edu with any questions. 


White Accountability for Dismantling Racism - Bi-weekly on Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm EST (Next session on 9/22/20)

Join a conversation for White students to explore barriers that prevent us, as white people, from engaging in racial equity work. This space will focus on addressing ways we perpetuate harm and contribute to individualized and systemic racism. This conversation is an important step in dismantling racism without relying on people of color to do the emotional labor. Join us on Zoom - no registration required. Feel free to email Jason Parcover, PhD at jparcover@loyola.edu or Brad Bryk, PsyD at bjbryk@loyola.edu with any questions about the space.


Excel - Wednesdays at 1pm-2pm EST 

Excel is a virtual support group for students who have a disability or face learning challenges.  Excel provides a space for students to discuss their unique challenges related to virtual learning and find support to navigate learning hurdles.  Students will also be able to share resources, learn stress management skills, and discuss self-care.  Students do not need to be registered with Disability Support Services to join this group.Sign-up by going to the the counseling-center website then using the form at the bottom of their groups page - Group Sign-up


COVID-19 Coping and Connection - Thursdays at 1pm-2pm EST 

The Covid-19 Support Group is a space where students can discuss their experiences during the pandemic with each other. Share how you’ve been coping with quarantine. Come together to find strength through solidarity and connection. Sign-up by going to the the counseling-center website then using the form at the bottom of their groups page - Group Sign-up


Facing Loss - Coming Soon!

Facing Loss is a grief support group that brings together students who have lost a loved one, recently or long ago. This group meets weekly via HIPPA-compliant Zoom. Look for scheduling updates by visiting their website counseling-center or their Instagram page loyolamd_counselingcenter


Solace - Coming Soon!

The group is focused on creating specific actions students can take that will help build self-esteem.  In addition, students will be taught how to interact with each other in the group so that they each become a supportive resource for other group members. Look for scheduling updates and sign-up using the form at the counseling-center website at the bottom of their groups page - Group Sign-up


Center for Community, Service, and Justice (CCSJ) invites students, faculty, community partners, alumni and supporters to connect and share resources for a more just and equitable world through academic courses, community development initiatives, scholarship, service experiences, and social justice programming.