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Group Exercise Remix Series

Brace yourself and get ready to move to your favorite theme music while getting an awesome workout! Come join our Group Exercise instructors through the week of February 17th through the 21st as they teach: Spin Strong, Liberation Lift, Trap Yoga, Kickboxin’ Country and Yoga Rock. Visit IMLeagues to sign up!

Rhythm and Bike

Have you tried our R&B Spin class yet? Come join us for the fiercely fun 45 minute cycling workout called Rhythm and Bike. This class brings you the hottest mix of music and rhythmic moves to keep your workout fresh and up-beat while continuing to build endurance and muscular strength. Arrive early to set up your bike and get ready to ride! Visit our Group Exercise page for dates, times, and where to sign up!


The Empower group provides a supportive space for students to explore their experiences as Students of Color on campus. Members will discuss issues such as academic stress, relationships, race/ethnicity related stress, and resilience, among others. Participating in this group will empower students while helping them achieve academic excellence, stronger relationships and support systems, and greater life satisfaction.

In, Out, & In Between

Whether you are out, questioning, or not even sure, the In, Out, and In Between group is for LGBTQPIA+ and same-gender attracted students of all backgrounds to confidentially discuss and explore aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation in a safe space.

Balance Spotlight

The Balance Spotlight is featured quarterly on the Graduate Student Newsletter to highlight the value of diversity and inclusion for graduate students. Themes explored in this newsletter postings consider the experiences of graduate students of color in particular.

Department Highlights

Student Diversity Team

Though our student diversity committee meets throughout the academic calendar, we felt it especially important to share this amazing opportunity for anyone who may be interested as a February highlight! This year, we're focusing our efforts on three main areas of growth for our department: making our physical space more inclusive for others, further developing our marketing and communication for all of our program and facility users, and further developing our student employee training for diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you're passionate about the topic and interested in being a part of this dynamic working group, please contact Kara Hunter, our assistant director for competitive sports, who also chairs this committee at kghunter@loyola.edu!

Campus Partners

Mosaic - A Woman of Color Initiative

Mosaic is a student-based organization that provides resources, support, and encouragement for Loyola's women of color on campus and abroad. It focuses on developing an inclusive environment that breeds sisterhood and continued support while involving, informing, and inspiring women. Details involving this organization and contact information can be found on the clubs and organizations page.

Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister is a holistic retention program for women of color at Loyola University Maryland. It provides women with the knowledge and tools for personal success and motivation towards serving the whole community through leadership and excellence. The bi-weekly meetings (sister circles) provide a supportive network where women can engage in thoughtful discussion and self-expression related to the challenges, celebrations, and complexities within their experiences at Loyola. More details provided on the Sister to Sister page.

Counseling Center

Diversity Series Partners