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Sustainability at Loyola

Waste & Recycling

Recycle Often, Recycle Right

recycling guide


Please do not put any waste items into any recycling bin or exterior recycling container. Just one trash or waste item can contaminate an entire recycling bin or an entire recycling dumpster. Recycling that is contaminated with food, liquids or non-recyclable material will be rejected by the recycling facility and sent to the landfill for disposal.


General Community Resources

what and how to recycle on campus 

Student Resident Resources

how to recycle in your residence hall

pictures of items you can put into your recycling bin

Elkridge Materials Recovery Facility

facts about where Loyola's recycling goes

video tour of a typical recycling facility

Electronic and Hazardous Waste

Email EHS@loyola.edu to schedule an electronic or hazardous waste pick up.