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Waste & Recycling

Help Loyola Divert Waste From Landfills! 

Recycle Right and Compost Correctly!




In our continued effort to increase our waste diversion and recycle right please check out the list of items below that CAN be recycled on campus and the list of items to AVOID when recycling.


Do not recycle


Just one piece of waste, or items in a plastic bag, can contaminate an entire recycling bin or dumpster! Recycling is contaminated with food, liquids or non-recyclable material. When this happens it will need to be placed in the waste. So please, recycle right and avoid contamination!

Waste and Recycling Container Types

On campus clear bags are used for recycling and black bags are used for waste (as shown in the image below). Confusion over what to place in the recycling bins is causing contamination. When that occurs, we are forced to place the contaminated recycling in the trash, which has a negative impact on our local community and planet.

Waste and recycling cans


General Community Resources

what and how to recycle on campus 

Student Resident Resources

how to recycle in your residence hall

Electronic and Hazardous Waste

Email to schedule an electronic or hazardous waste pick up.