Continuing Education Courses and Workshop

Loyola's Continuing Education courses and Workshops provides teachers, administrators, and school professionals with the innovative training needed to work with diverse learners. For more information about our current or upcoming continuing education or workshop courses, please contact 

School Counseling Continuing Education Courses 

The School Counseling Program offers a number of continuing education courses in Mindfulness, Lauryn's Law, Promotion Social-Emotion Competence, LCPC Clinical Supervision, and Autism.

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Micro-credentials for Professional Learning for AIMS Educators

Micro-credentials are performance-based, specialized professional learning opportunities where educators can immediately apply their new learning directly to their classroom or work environment.  Currently, these Micro-credentials for Professional Learning are for educators in the Association for Independent Maryland and DC Schools (AIMS). 

These educational technology focused micro-credentials will allow educators to improve, enhance, or supplement their current skill sets and learn new techniques in an area of professional interest aligned with their students needs, school-wide instructional goals, and/or their school’s specific technology initiatives.

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Upcoming Workshops

Kodály Music Education Program

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Kodaly Music Education May 5 Workshop