Continuing Education Courses

The following courses are currently offered as a part of Loyola's Continuing Education program:


EDAD701- Leading through Trauma 

Current school leaders, aspiring leaders, and educators can learn, understand, and apply the theories and practices of trauma informed leadership. This learning experience examines the principles of trauma informed care, types of traumas, trauma impacts the brain and learning. Through scholarship and applied methods in attachment theory, emotional intelligence, and systemic thinking the learner will not only gain insight into the implications of trauma but how the implement policies and practices specific to trauma informed care. 


EDCT601- Making the Shift: Introduction to the Science of Reading 

The Science of Reading is a vast body of research that has proven the process of how we learn to read. This course will provide you with an introduction to what the research tells us and will provide you with high leverage practices to support students who are struggling with reading.