Health Education

Course Information:

Standards-Based Methods and Assessment in Health Education (3 credits)

This course will be offered fully online. This course will be based on National and State health education standards, Pre-K-12. It will focus on both content and skills for teaching health education. Lesson planning, participatory methods, differentiation, resources, interactive teaching strategies, and assessment will be explored.

Health Education Legislative Initiatives and Specialized Training Including Human Sexuality (3 credits)

This course will be offered fully online. It will focus on teaching standards-based health education that is inclusive, trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate, and scientifically accurate. Teaching strategies for Maryland’s legislative initiatives including consent, sexual abuse and assault prevention, substance abuse prevention education, and hands-only CPR will be addressed. The course will also focus on preparation for teaching mental health, sexuality education, and other current health trends impacting youth. This course can be utilized to meet the specialized training requirements for teaching health education in Maryland public schools as required by COMAR 13a.04.18.

Session Dates:

May 17, 2021-June 19, 2021 


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