Master's in Curriculum and Instruction for Social Justice

Students writing in the classroom of a master's of curriculum and instruction for social justice teacherThe Curriculum and Instruction for Social Justice graduate program is an interdisciplinary degree which unpacks the field of K-12 education, teaching, and the impact on society.  This 33-credit Master of Arts degree is designed to help students understand the broader field of education, critically analyze it, and consider it as an instrument of positive change by studying social, cultural, philosophical, and historical issues in and about education within a rapidly changing global society. Grounded in social justice theories and informed by current understandings of learning, graduates will appreciate the rich assets within marginalized communities that can be harnessed to enhance the lives of students and empower communities, while understanding how dominant structures and institutions have been created resulting in adverse purposes. Coursework will challenge students’ assumptions about the field of education, teaching, learning, and curriculum. It will encourage students to think creatively and critically about education’s past and present inequities, its current place in society, and provide visionary possibilities for greater equity in our globalized society.

Graduate students may choose from the following concentrations:


    • Engages with cutting edge education topics; especially for urban contexts 
    • Blends theory with practice
    • Small class sizes
    • Vibrant faculty who are experts in their field
    • Learn with a diverse range of teachers from public, independent and parochial schools in a variety of specialty areas and grade levels
    • Engaging online or hybrid course options becoming more available VERY soon
    • No certification required!

    Site-Based Cohorts

    This program is also offered through the site-based cohorts to employees of local school systems at various off-campus locations. Our cohorts are a lockstep format. Semesters consist of two 8-week classes and are held one night per week from 5-8:45 p.m. Participants benefit from a 15% tuition discount. Limited scholarships are available from $1,000- $1,500 for completed applications. For more information about programs, locations, and upcoming information sessions, visit our cohort website.

    Hillary Frank

    "Loyola's C&I program made me a more informed, reflective, thoughtful, and empathetic educator."

    Real-world application was important to me when I was choosing my graduate program, and I was able to implement activities and concepts from every single course into my own classroom almost immediately. I never felt like I was just going through the motions in order to get my degree; the coursework was engaging, practical, and challenging, and I am still applying the strategies I learned during my time as a student into my classroom today."


    Hillary Frank
    M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, '13
    Secondary English-Language Arts Teacher
    Glenwood Middle School